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God As The Father Essay

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“Mighty Warrior”, “Judge”, “King”, “Shepherd”, “Creator”, “Teacher”, and “Savior”

are all words that have many meanings. However, they all become synonymous during a

reading of the Bible because they are all used to reference God. To me, the most significant

and meaningful term used for God is “Father”. Growing up, I had a father figure, but he wasn’t

a very good one. I won’t really get into that. And although I had him as a father figure, I didn’t

count him as someone to look up to. So for me, when the Bible eludes God as Father, it strikes

home. There are many incidences where this reference occurs, and sometimes it’s very subtle.

In my opinion, I believe a father should have certain qualities that include forgiveness, being

kind, being reliable, and caring for their child. All of these are exemplified in the Bible when God

is talked about and talked to.

Forgiveness is displayed throughout the entire Bible since God allows for ...view middle of the document...

Being kind is a big deal as well because with kindness comes a closer relationship with

another. That is why God is considered a father to me. He “…is kind in all his doings.” (Psalms

145:17) Every father should be kind to their children. If your father is kind it will be easier for

you to approach him and be able to communicate with him. A lot of people see that in God,

which is why they find comfort in talking to Him and calling Him “father”, like I do. All fathers

should follow in God’s footsteps and learn to be kind.

A father must be reliable. They must always be there for their children. Even if it isn’t

in person, they still should be able to talk in some shape or form. Since I really couldn’t rely on

my father, I looked elsewhere in my life. That is why the quote “Help us, O Lord our God, for

we rely on you…” (Second Chronicles 14:11) It shows that I am not alone and that someone

else sees God as reliable. If you think about it, God is always there for you. He will listen to your

needs and wants. He might not verbally respond but deep down in your heart, you know what

he is saying. This should always be the case with a father, but for some, like me, it just isn’t.

The last important factor of a father is that they can take care of their child. In the Bible,

I feel, this is what they mean when they say God carries you. An instance where God carrying

sticks in my head is the Bible reads “He will feed his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the

lambs in his arms, and carry them in his bosom.” (Isaiah 40:11) In this example, I believe He is

referring to God and we are His lambs. He will take care of us, which is the finally reason I vision

God as a father. I don’t feel my father took care of me even though he should have. That is why

God is the perfect father.

In conclusion, although everyone has a different view of what God represents, I

think God’s best representation is as father. He shows us since he forgives me, is kind to me, is

reliable, and carries me. That is what a father should do and I wish they did, I would a lot better

off than I am now. Perhaps, every man should read the Bible and take notes from God and act

as He because the world would be a whole lot better.

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