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God As A Construct Of The Mind

3078 words - 13 pages

University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo

Seminar work for
Contemporary English I

God as a construct of the mind

Name and family name: Tomislav Piplica
Index number: 43580
Group: III

Sarajevo, November of 2011

This essay contains only my own words and thoughts. There will be no bibliography nor will third party literature be used.

We can consider the previous disclaimer a kick-off to this essay. Any introduction is sufficient to this topic. If you are wondering why, well, then don't even bother reading. Will it meet your requirements and fulfil your expectations? That I do not know, but I can assure you it will most definitely make ...view middle of the document...

Was nudity the way to make them realise how dirty they were, and I don’t mean wet and muddy but rather filthy inside? They started rotting even before they had the chance to achieve their final stage of blossoming.
Taking the above quick run-through into consideration we can agree they were given free choice. By being given free choice they willingly put in jeopardy what they held dear the most. The literally heavenly life they were living hadn’t been enough to the greedy humans. God gets all credit in the Bible for making humans as they are, but can we agree to disagree here? What if humans were a mistake? What if you and I weren’t to exist? The Universe came to be from nothing. It was a mistake, a flaw that triggered the creation of life. If that is so then it might explain a lot of things happening right now. Let us observe the Earth for a second - global pollution, green-house effects and all that scientific terminology is starring at us and we’re doing nothing to at least gain minimal control of our actions. It is our own ignorance and inability to accept the consequences of the deeds and acts that brought us in the doom of today. It is not flower petals that we see when we go to the toilet, so why make it look beautiful when it’s disgusting and repulsive? I’ll tell you why… It is due to the fact we pity ourselves to the extent of becoming abstractions to each other. You don’t understand what I mean? Let me test you for a second. While reading this essay do you actually think about what you read (what I wrote and all the possible ways of understanding this) or do you vaguely and without any specific reason skip the content in the search for grammatical and orthographical errors? If that is the case then you failed to pass the test of existence. There are a lot of questions here, and shall be asked in abundance. If we really want to change something, improve ourselves and help others improve then we might want to start using what we’ve been learning for ages.
There is much more to an essay than to have it graded, rated, praised etc. There is much more to life than to earn money, sleep, eat, have children, be well situated etc. It is all in our, how could I possibly call it, let us say “new and improved primal instinct” to do these things by default but why thrive to gain all the wealth of the world and have the textbook happiness? Is it that necessary to have all that power and leave your kin to the malevolent race that inhabits the very corners of this sphere we live on? At the moment of writing I am questioning my ability of writing good texts in English but it is alright to do so. It is alright to feel alive, to ask yourself questions which maybe don’t have an answer. It is lovely to question your existence for it is a sign that you are alive. So many signs keep alerting us about the forthcoming mirror menace. We see the biggest criminal in the world every morning. He uses your toothpaste, spends your money, all...

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