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Goal Setting Essay

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Goal Setting and Decision Making: Seeing Through Your Future

A. Go over the list of goals. Write ST if it is a short-term goal and LT if it is a long-term goal.

______1. To attend the JS Prom on March 11.
______2. To have my own house and lot.
______3. To have a loving family of my own.
______4. To be able to submit my project in Science.
______5. To be able to save money for the Christmas party.
______6. To be a well-respected leader in my community.
______7. To be a successful doctor.
______8. To represent my country in an educators’ training seminar abroad.
______9. To get a high-paying job.
______10. To convince the girl I am courting that I am the right man ...view middle of the document...

* My family responsibilities will be ___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________.
* I’ll tell my friends that of my life experiences in the last five years, the best have been ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Goal Setting and Decision Making: Life Plans

1. Answer the following questions. Be as realistic as possible.

a. How you felt imagining yourself 10 years from now?
______________________________________________ ______________________________________________.
b. What will you become after 10 years in terms of your career and your family life?
c. Your plan to be able to fulfil your desired future.
______________________________________________ ______________________________________________

2. Answer the activity worksheet entitled Life Plans. Complete the sentences in your own words. After you have finished, go back and read over each sentence. Write P on the blank beside the goal that would be affected if you become a parent within a year and N beside those which would not be affected. Add up all your P and N and record the totals on the space provided.

Life Plans
* Complete the following sentences with those...

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