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Goal Line Tech Essay

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Soccer: Goal Line Technology

Does goal line technology ultimately benefit the sport of soccer?  Goal Line Technology is a matter that has carefully been examined because of the opposing controversial arguments that exist. Soccer goal line technology features cameras that will determine whether or not the complete circumference of the ball has crossed the goal line, and it will send an instant alert to the referee allowing him to quickly determine the call. The International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) still remains unsure whether it would be appropriate to incorporate this technology around the world. In Joshua Robinson’s article, ” Goal-Line Help For Referees,” goal line ...view middle of the document...

 In the sport of soccer, referees are the most impacted with the advancement of this new technology because they are the ones who are directly affecting the outcome of the game. In Robinson’s article, FIFA’s head of refereeing Massimo Bussaca states that “The referees will realize that they are on the pitch they don’t have to be concentrated anymore on the goal line” (Robinson N.p.). There will be relief for referees knowing that they can count on this technology to make the correct call. The technology will also be beneficial by giving them one less thing to worry about on the soccer field. Even though it may beneficial, others believe that this is not the case. In King’s article, FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke questions that “Why should we have technology in a game where the main part should be humans - players and referees… that’s the beauty of the game and that’s what keeps people talking at pubs and keeps the game alive” (King and Higgs N.p.). This supports the fact that it is okay for referees to make mistakes; it is part of the game. It is nearly impossible to not make mistakes; after all they are just human. This infers that all these mistakes and controversial decisions are what make the game enjoyable; it provides people with a topic of discussion for the public.
Without a doubt, the Soccer referees are the ones that are most affected by this whole goal line technology situation. Referees are very interested because it would benefit their job directly, giving them one less responsibility on the soccer field. In Robinson’s article, World Class English referee Howard Webb states, “We have a lot of trust in the system… it is a welcome addition” (Robinson N.p.). He is giving a voice to other refs, agreeing to the technology. Referees are clearly in favor of the addition of goal line technology, providing them with some sort of relief when it comes to decision-making. In addition to relieving them from more responsibility, it also affects them by making them feel guilty when they make a bad call. In King’s article, FA chief executive from Scotland Gordon Smith claims that “Traditionalism is something that is strong in the game. We should be looking beyond this human element side of it because the human that suffers the most when the decision is incorrect is the referee” (King and Higgs N.p.). He is referring to the person who commits the error in this case the referee is the one that has the most regret and feels the worst about the situation. It’s hard to imagine that the person you see as the villain, in this case the ref is actually the most affected by the situation.
Goal line technology in soccer is almost eminent and it seems as if it is just a matter of time. Even though technology is around the corner, there are several leagues in different country’s that don’t feel that the technology is ready to be implemented into the game. Robinsons article states that “Germany’s Bundesliga has resisted implementing the technology,...

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