Goal Congruence Essay

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What is goal congruence?
It simply means making sure your goals are in harmony with and aligned to what you really want in life.
An Important Illustration:
Let's say you hate your job so you set a new goal find another job. You're so desperate and emotional to leave your current work situation you focus your goal on what you are feeling in the moment.
Your goal: Find a better job, that pays money, with less stress. Maybe you follow the SMART goals formula and add specifics that you can measure, such as you want to find this job within four months and your minimum salary requirement is 10% more than your current job.
Let's say four months later you achieve your goals - you have a ...view middle of the document...

Why? Because you are the key to your smart goal setting and achieving. You are going to find tools here to help you do this.
Do not make the mistake most people make when it comes to effective goal setting. They let their current personal situation be the sole driver for goal setting. Review this example to see how a person goes wrong when setting goals.
Additionally, you must understand your own behaviors and preferences. Do not make the mistake of setting a goal that, deep-down, you do not want to accomplish or do not care whether you accomplish. Be smart about your future and your success. You deserve nothing less.
Why Most People Fail and How You Can Win
Doing the necessary groundwork is important. Fortunately, nothing about this process is difficult. It simply takes a little thought and maybe a little help to make vital self-discoveries. Since this is about you and your needs, the effort is worth it.
Goal Setting Action Step:
To help you build a successful foundation for goal setting, I highly recommend you visit LearnMyself.com. They offer free behavioral test, motivation test, personality test, and a host of other free test that can help you learn more about yourself. The best part is you can see your results instantly online or you can obtain a printable version of your results. You can't beat free. Additionally, you do not have to sign up for a thing. All you need to spend is a little time. If you want to learn how to set goals for success, then this is a great first step.
A primary challenge facing many U.S.-based multinational corporations (MNCs) is the evaluation of foreign strategic business units (SBUs). The way an organization evaluates and measures performance determines the motivation behind the decisions and actions of an SBU's managers. Failure to consider the strategic objectives of an SBU or the cultural identity of its management is an error many MNCs commit when they export the evaluation systems of the parent entity to the foreign SBU. This often results in decisions by the SBU's managers that are incongruent with corporate goals and objectives.
The consideration of cultural differences is particularly important when the management of an international SBU is delegated to host country personnel. All too frequently, multinational corporations mistakenly evaluate their performance using return on investment (ROI) or one of its variants, such as residual income (RI) or economic value added (EVA), regardless of the business unit strategy. This can lead to management control systems that result in suboptimal decision making, conflicting corporate and SBU objectives, and a negative impact on morale. Return-based measures play a role in evaluating performance, but, used...

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