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Gmat Verbal Essay

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But... d) They each ARE great tennis players.
Quantity words and phrases:
␣ The number of + singular
␣ A number of + plural
␣ The words majority, minority, and plurality are either singular or plural depending on the context. If you want to indicate the many individual parts of the totality, use plural. If you want to emphasize the totality itself, use singular.
Examples: a) The number of hardworking students in this class IS quite large. b) A number of students in this class ARE hard workers. c) The majority of students ARE hard workers. d) In the Senate, the majority HAS coalesced into a unified voting block.
Requirements for Pronouns:
Make sure that...
␣ ...the antecedent to which pronoun refers exists in the sentence and is functioning as a noun Example: The park rangers discussed measures to prevent wildfires, which would be devastating to IT
(it must refer to the park, but park is used as ...view middle of the document...

If you change the number, repeat the noun.
Examples: Wrong: Her company is outperforming THOSE of her competitors. Right: Her company is outperforming THE COMPANIES of her competitors.
Adjectives vs. adverbs:
␣ An adjective modifies only nouns or pronouns ␣ An adverb modifies almost anything but a noun or pronoun ␣ Linking verbs such as to be or to feel are followed by an adjective, rather than an adverb Examples: Amy is feeling good (good is an adjective that modifies the noun Amy) Amy is feeling well (well is an adverb that modifies the noun Amy)
␣ A modifier describes or modifies someone or something in the sentence Example: Tired from playing basketball, Charles decided to take a nap. (underlined part is the modifier
of Charles)
␣ A noun and its modifier should touch each other (i.e. stand next to each other)
Wrong: Jim biked along an old dirt road to get to his house, which cut through the woods.
Correct: To get to his house, Jim biked along an old dirt road, which cut through the woods.
␣ Noun we want to modify is not even in the sentence => dangling modifier
Wrong: Resigned to the bad news, there was no commotion in the office.
Right: Resigned to the bad news, the office workers made no commotion.
␣ Unlike a noun modifier, a verb modifier does not have to touch the subject (see further below for cases where the noun modifier does not have to the noun)
␣ Use which to modify things and who to modify people Example: Wrong: The scientists that made the discovery were rewarded. Right: The scientists who made the discovery were rewarded.
␣ Use the pronoun where to modify a noun place, such as area, site country, etc; use the pronoun in which to modify a metaphorical place such as condition, situation, case, circumstances or arrangements.
Example: Wrong: We had an arrangement where he cooked and I cleaned. Right: We had an arrangement in which he cooked and I cleaned.

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