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GM591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Through utilizing the information from the case study of “The Forgotten Group Member,” and the explanation of the stages of team development in the course textbook, Organizational Behavior, (2010, p. 166) of forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning, the majority of the group members are in the norming stage, but never resolved issues that started in the storming stage. Therefore, collectively, they are still in the storming stage. The group is in a state of conflict because Mike is non-committal with meeting, does not hand in quality work, and is acting jealous of the relationships the team has formed while in his absence. ...view middle of the document...

Overcoming these obstacles would have guided the group from the storming to the norming stages of development.
The primary problem the group is facing is a lack of leadership and direction. To prevent or resolve the problem, the group would have benefited from having a leader who can effectively communicate, motivate and resolve conflict within the group to assist them in reaching their goals. From our text, we learn that an effective leader will work within a management process of Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling (Organizational Behavior, 2010, p. 15). In planning, Christine did not effectively communicate and set goals collaboratively with the team, or divide up the tasks so that all members know their role within the group and the importance of their tasks. Where she failed the most was in the leading function of a manager. Her interpersonal relations and communication skills were only used with those whose roles were clearly defined. She did not motivate or include Mike fully to accomplish his tasks. Mike is not participating as a productive group member. He may be considered by some as a social loafer, or someone who is working less hard in the group than if he were on his own, and expecting others to do his work, (Organizational Behavior, 2010, p. 164). The text states, “she was very concerned about her grades,” which may have impaired her seeing the real problem within the group. She was also inefficient in the controlling function in follow-up and motivation, especially concerning Mike and his role. The case does mention that Mike did contact her to let her know about his personal issues. Although, she did show empathy during their conversation, she never brought the focus back onto his strength in creativity to help coach and motive him to help the group reach their goal. Firm dates and time should have been planned and set with an agreement from all before the end of the first initial meeting. Communication was clearly a problem with Christine and her process of leadership and management.
The secondary problem that works interchangeably with the primary issue is that Christine did not understand the concepts of Organizational Behavior and the key points of building a high-performing team, which is an area that will be explored as part of a solution to the problem. What is ironic about this case is that Christine is enrolled in an Organization Behavior course and is not really using what she has learned. She clearly missed the main reason the professor assigned the project. A focus on each individual member and their personalities and behaviors is crucial to the success of the team as a whole. The idea of working as a group helps to understand how important the study of Organizational Behavior is for teams. “Organizational behavior is the study of individuals and groups in organizations,” (Organizational Behavior, 2010, p. 4). The understanding of individual behavior, including self-awareness, or...

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