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Gloria Steinem Essay

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CMU 201: Introduction to Leadership
Tanjie Hoover
April 15, 2013
Search For a Leader Case Study: Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem was born in 1934 in Michigan. She spent her childhood going back and forth between Michigan, Florida and California. After he parents divorced whenever she was 11, Steinem and her mother moved to a dilapidated home in Toledo, Ohio. Over the next few years, young Gloria was responsible for caring for her mentally ill mother. Whenever she finally left home to go to Smith College, she was determined to challenge the status quo and majored in government, an unusual choice for a woman of that era. She graduated in 1956 and was awarded a fellowship that took her to India, where she worked for the Independent Research Service as a freelance writer.

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Steinem went on to form Ms. Magazine, which served as a larger platform for the cause. She worked with many men and women to draw attention to the feminist movement through her literary works and her involvement in many strikes and drafting of proposed legislation for the cause. In true feminist form, Gloria Steinem received treatment and beat breast cancer in 1986. At 66, she shocked everyone who knew her whenever she married for the first time in her life; something that she said that she would never do. Just 3 years later, her soul mate died of brain cancer. Gloria Steinem is still championing for social reform today.

Gloria Steinem is certainly a visionary and servant leader. Steinem worked tirelessly to help to create a world in which women are offered equal rights for equal labor. She was instrumental in the woman’s right to choose. She has worked throughout her career with bold determination in the face of adversity. Her leadership has inspired many other women to be courageous and to realize their dreams, whatever they may be. Always self-aware and reflective in her writing, Steinem was apparently never corrupted by the power and prestige that she has gained. She remains a moral, upstanding woman of integrity; someone that all women should strive to exemplify.

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