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Globe Essay

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Mgt 19B Corporate Social Responsibility

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Nica M.Cabigon

Globe Telecom Inc. is a provider of telecommunications services. The Company operates mobile, fixed line and broadband networks providing communications services to individual customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and corporate and enterprise clients. It operates through mobile communications services and wireline communications services segments. The mobile communications services segment consists of digital cellular telecommunications services that allow subscribers to make and receive local domestic long distance and international long ...view middle of the document...

Globe Bridging Communities seeks to:
* Implement sustainable CSR programs not just for the benefit of partner communities and stakeholders, but for the nation at large
* Integrate corporate social responsibility in business processes—compliance to governmental regulations, greening the value chain, and supporting and encouraging skill-based employee volunteering in its various programs and services, among others
* Develop and mainstream information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to help raise the bar of the Philippines' educational system, build resilient and progressive communities, promote sustainable livelihood, improve environmental conservation efforts, and champion active citizenship

GLOBE’s Commitments | What this Means for the Business |
Economic ResponsibilityBy managing long term sustainability of the business and the industry with integrity and the highest ethical standards, to fulfill economic responsibility to the stakeholders. | • Implement innovative and effective managementstructures and methods• Strive to ensure low cost, high efficiency businessoperations• Engage in effective management and risk controls• Grow the business in a way that adds valueand takes advantage of the key strengths as abusiness• Create new opportunities, continuously improve capabilities and lead the industry |
Social responsibility By developing technologies, competencies and their people, and by providing access to communications, to passionately contribute to initiatives that help uplift the overall well-being of society. | • Expand network coverage and infrastructureand provide access to as many people as possible• Develop a diverse set of products and servicesthat satisfy customers’ needs• Utilize technologies in developing productsand services that uplift the poor• Contribute to the overall advancement of societyand culture |
Environmental responsibility By considering efficient and effective environmental protection initiatives, contribute to sustainable development to preserve our planet and the future of young people. | • Closely manage waste disposal and reuse,building an environmentally-friendly...

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