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Globalization Question Essay

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Krystyna Sklyankina
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Globalization Question

Religion has always been a sensitive subject in any society. In fact, we’ve all heard the old saying “The two things you never talk about around the dinner table are religion and politics”. I came into this class very closed-minded, thinking that the only religion that is “true” and makes the most sense is Christianity. However, after closely studying and learning the concepts of Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Chinese religions I began to question myself. How can one say that there is only one true religion and the rest are false? And who gets to determine which one is true?
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Islam is considered a religion, while Buddhism is more like the way of life or philosophy. In Western logic, two propositions that are contrary to each other cannot both be true though can both be false, or one can be true and the other can be false. While, in far Eastern cultures logic has no authority. People believe that guiding rule of thought should drive the mind to embrace contradictions because contradictions in their view lie at the very heart of reality. Eastern religions believe only in two realms of truth: truth of science and technology, and truth of religious faith, religious beliefs and rules of conduct. We can see how Western and Eastern religions differ from one another just by comparing their beliefs of truth.
In conclusion, I must say that I don’t think there is one true religion because no facts have proven us this and every religion will always claim their beliefs to be true. I agree with Campbell who answers this question in two parts. First, he says that in the factual sense of truth, no...

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