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Globalization Notes Essay

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Intel did it again. The Q4-numbers of the technology bellwether beat the expectations of the analysts as they did in many quarters before (blogs.barrons) (marketwatch).

The chip goliath benefited from the growth in emerging markets. During the earnings call with the analysts (you can find the transcript here seekingalpha) Intel CEO Paul S. Otellini explained (seekingalpha): "Emerging markets now account for 2 out of every 3 incremental units of PC demand, a shift that's rewarding Intel and the PC companies that have a long-standing, deep presence in these markets".

Otellini declared further:" Looking back at the last 12 months of reported data, emerging markets like India and Indonesia ...view middle of the document...

Intel Corp. senior researcher Genevieve Bell makes a science out of being nosy. As a cultural anthropologist for the American microchip giant, she has spent the last two and a half years hanging out in 100 homes across seven Asian countries, watching how ordinary folks tinker with computers and gadgets. "Intel research believes that trying to understand the patterns of people's behavior is a basic science question, like physics," says Ms. Bell, 36 years old.
From her piles of notebooks and snapshots, Ms. Bell has come to some conclusions with serious implications for technology makers and marketers: Globalization is not going to produce a globally uniform consumer, because gadgets such as cellphones and Wi-Fi laptops are being used in different ways around the world.
WSJ: Why does Intel want an anthropologist to take on this kind of project?
Ms. Bell: I'm trying to get a better sense of the ways in which cultural practices in urban Asia are shaping people's relationships with technology. I'm trying to think about whether there is a global middle class out there -- or whether, in fact, although there are people who have certain kinds of disposable income and might look middle-class, they are in fact doing and desiring differently.
WSJ: What did you discover that's useful to Intel and other technology companies?
Ms. Bell: The places where people are consuming technology look really different from the places where we created them, and that has consequences for how they are used ... . The kinds of constellations of users are different, too. America is a culture of individuals. Our technology is predicated on that: I want my own laptop, I have my own cellphone -- stuff that I own is tied to me and a way of getting to just me ... . But in Asia, people's identities are not just about themselves as individuals....The self is part of a family and a lineage and a clan or a village. Often, technology is consumed at those levels rather than an individual level. And that has consequences from how you brand things, to how you accommodate multiple users on a single device.
There are some usage models that we hadn't very well anticipated. In Asia, there is much more of an emphasis on education, on family communication, on forms of social reciprocity, as a portal to your government, as well as around religion....It's...

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