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Globalization Has Improved Living Standards In Bangladesh

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One night I was chatting on-line in a Yahoo chat room at home in Bangladesh. Suddenly my grandfather came into my room and asked me, "What are you doing now? Its 3 o'clock in the morning, go to sleep." I told him, "I can't go to bed now … I am chatting… please don't be angry with me." He surprisingly asked me, "What's that?" I told him, "I am talking to a teenage girl in Brazil." He seemed to think I had become mad. He was astonished to hear about online communication. His comment was, "You have become too modern." Yes I agreed with him, but how are we modern? Bangladesh has a reputation as one of the poorest countries in the world. We struggle with poverty and hunger, but ...view middle of the document...

Both Britain and Pakistan ruled Bangladesh for 200 years and 23 years respectively. They used their power to exploit the Bangladeshi people and there was no democracy or freedom. This kept us separate from the rest of the world and made it impossible for us to become a modern country. "The birth of Bangladesh in 1971 was the first instance of an ethnic linguistic nationalist movement succeeding in creating a new state in the post-colonial period" (Jahan, p12). Our independence gave us the opportunity to share knowledge with other nations and led us towards modernity.

Globalization is increasing the living standards of poor people in Bangladesh. Industries from foreign investments create employment opportunities for a large number of people including young women who, for the first time, can visibly enter the male dominated public space. Because of the traditional cultural norms of behaviour for young women, they were not allowed to show their faces in pre-modernized Bangladesh. "Foreign investment creates 10,000 new jobs every year in Bangladesh" (Jahan, p.64). Foreign and export oriented industries are changing the economic and social scenario of Bangladesh which, results in an increase of living standards. Mr. Temple, World Bank Country Director for Bangladesh examined the 1990 average ratio of trade to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in Bangladesh and explained that it has risen from 19 percent to 35 percent. He also described the story of a village woman whose life was changed for globalization.

…Hosne Ara Begum, a 40-years-old garments worker at Dekko Apparels Ltd… hardly had a chance for a decent job… Now [she] can not only to survive physically, but also dream of a future in which her school-going children [will] have much better prospects. Hosne Ara is not looking back anymore. She is striding forward to the future. For a Hosne Ara, the [introduction] of Bangladesh's garments industry to the global market was a blessing. (Temple)

There are many women like Hosne Ara who have found a better way of life. In most cases, these jobs have empowered women, who are now in greater demand for marriage and they receive more respect in their families because of their monthly income. Our women have made our society modern by breaking the traditional cultural norms.

Increasing globalization is motivating the Bangladeshi people and increasing the modernity in our society. "Motivation refers to the forces within a person that effect his direction, intensity, and persistence of voluntary behavior." (McShane, p62). Foreign investments create high paying jobs, which require more knowledge and skill, therefore motivating people to work for a higher education. Bangladeshi students are...

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