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Globalization And Its Impact On Women

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Globalization and its impact on women rights and empowerment
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Globalization and its impact on women rights and empowerment


In the 21st century, globalization has ...view middle of the document...

However, it does not answer an arguably more fundamental question, whether globalization can eventually reduce the causes of gender discrimination, improve women’s fundamental rights and generally empower women.
To address this issue, one should look into the impact of globalization beyond the outcome of women’s economic activities – wages and employment – and examine whether globalization can enhance ‘women’s status’ or ‘women’s rights’, which allow women better access to resources and ensure their standing in legal and social institutions without discrimination (Morrisson and Jütting 2005). Surprisingly, most literature has neglected the difference between women’s rights and the subsequent outcomes and investigated the impact of globalization on certain economic activities of women only. To the best of our knowledge, there are only a few existing studies empirically addressing causal relation between women’s fundamental rights and globalization. Among them, Neumayer and de Soysa (2007, 2011) and Richards and Gelleny (2007) empirically show that economic globalization trade openness and/or FDI positively affect women’s economic and/or social rights.

However, these studies limit globalization as economic integration, which tends to be more closely associated with the outcomes of women’s economic activities rather than the fundamental rights of women, and do not take into account the impact of another important dimension of globalization, social globalization. Social globalization can arguably be seen as more important in determining respect for, and attitudes towards women because it can promote the spread of ideas, norms and civil actions worldwide by facilitating contacts and communications across people in different countries. While economic globalization mainly reflects flows of goods and services representing the interests of capital, social globalization connects people and enables them to exchange ideas and thoughts and furthermore to pursue solidarity for shared causes (e.g. human rights and gender equality). With this respect, a recent study by Potrafke and Ursprung (2010) empirically shows that both social and economic dimensions of globalization are positively associated with women’s institutional right. However, their study investigates the impact of economic and social globalization separately, not taking into account that there might be overlapping effects across the two types of globalization. In other words, it could be possible that the positive effects of economic globalization have been detected because of underlying effects of social globalization accompanied
In this paper, we make the following contributions to the current literature. First, we empirically investigate the importance of social globalization on women’s rights simultaneously with economic globalization in order to single out effects of each type of globalization. Second, our analysis addresses not only the two important dimensions of women’s economic and...

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