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Globalization And Cultural Identity Essay

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Globalization and Cultural Identity

Globalization, once it has been accomplished, is the process, where by the entire world uses a free market system and consequently labor,capital, products and services are traded freely. Globalization is a three dimensional term, encompassing political, economical and cultural aspects. 1Is globalization a process, which started just in recent years, and how far back do its roots reach? To some it began with the Turks taking control of the silk road, to others it began by passing through the seas of the Cape of Good Hope and with the discovery of America, whereby world trade expanded and natural resources from different parts of the world were ...view middle of the document...

When we look at historical developments, particularly capital and labor movements, which are still with us today, we see that since the end of World War II free circulation has increased significantly. Economic and political entities such as the European Union and EFTA stand before us as the most important indicators of this current status. With the fall of the Socialist Block, the largest barrier impeding this process was removed,and we witness the nonexistence of an opposing fundamental ideology.Ironically, one of the goals of Marxism, Internationalism, although having disappeared in some aspects, has on the other hand begun to become a reality.As for the political and cultural dimension of globalization, we are confronted via the world media with an agenda reflecting the downfall of the national state model, and with the prevalence in recent times of the terms and fears known as cultural “homogenization” and micro nationalism.In recent years, with the process of globalization, the international media has begun to present the national state model as an old fashioned style of management.Waves of nationalism were the initiating cause of the disintegration of empires 150 to 200 years ago, which ended in each nation establishing its own state. During this process each nation-state formed its own industry, customs quotas and similar preventative measures to protect the value of its national industry, its own local capital and labor force.During the disintegration process of the empires, some states, despite their lacking the qualities of becoming a nation, did so nevertheless. The dividing up of the empires, which occurred according to lines on maps created artificial states.Particularly in developed countries, where the population is becoming more and more aged, coupled with the rise in unemployment, the obligations of being a social state and providing systems of social security have become an unbearable burden. As a result of this,developed nations and popular name brand manufacturers have begun locating their production sites in other countries where labor is inexpensive. Multinational companies/brands, which formerly only sold products to countries, now as active operatives in a country, either affect the country’s entire economy, or are affected by its economic makeup.With the increase in possibilities of international capital, communication and transportation, and in the face of growing competition, the desire for greater mobility and the preference to counter changing rules from country to country with protective measures is apparent.Under present day conditions, the domestic capital of nations is no longer sufficient and an ever-increasing need for foreign resource capital exists. Thus the economic success of countries is measured by how much foreign capital they receive.Upon examining the example of the European Union, where countries choose to join of their own accord (despite historical hostilities and differences), the probability...

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