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Globalization And Child Labour Essay

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Globalization and Child Labour
Globalization is a topic that is very debatable; there are many advocates as well as opposition groups and globalization always carries with it the dilemma of whether it is good or bad for the all the countries taking part in this integration; regardless of this dilemma, globalization is happening right now and it is unstoppable, it has its benefits as well as its problems and one of the problems, although there is no empirical evidence, is that globalization raises child labour.
Economic globalization unifies the economies of the world by reducing international trade barriers such as export fees, import quotas, tariffs through free trade agreements like ...view middle of the document...

Although some of the children are sent to work in factories, most of the child labour takes part in the agricultural sector, in Vietnam 70% of the population works in this sector as well as 26% of Vietnamese children [1]. In 2000 in Ghana and the Ivory Coast some 15,000 children worked in conditions of forced labour picking cocoa beans, they were trafficked from extremely poor countries like Mali and Burkina Faso [3].
Globalization has affected the agricultural sector in developing countries with agricultural protectionism; agricultural protectionism in developed countries like the United States, Canada and the European Union has resulted in tariff barriers and import quotas for developing nations and subsidy for the farmers of developed nations, putting them ahead of the game. This policy has reduced the agricultural imports from developing countries forcing them to hire children in order to make profits as well as laying off workers [4], and the newly unemployed workers have no option than to move to the city where due to the lack of education they have no opportunities and have to accept any kind of work as well as to put every family member to work, nearly 250 million children are forced to work to help support their families in order to make enough money to survive in the city where the cost of living is much higher than in the rural areas [5].
On the Other hand children that work in factories make about 5% of the working children, in Uttar Pradesh, India, a quarter of the workers in the carpet industry were less than 14 years old; these children were performing the same job as the adults but they had lower wages and if child labour was to be banned, small business owners in India would go out of business due to the competitive industry [2].
Globalization could have the most adverse impact on children of developing countries through the sex industry. The cheap flights and vacation packages as well as better information networks such as social media on the internet and cell phones, are associated with a growth in sexual tourism, including pedophilia [2], resulting in individually planned tours or even organized vacations to third world countries and pushing children into prostitution. Although the number of children that work in this industry is small compared to the total number of children in the work force, the impact that this industry will have on their lives is much worse than anyone could imagine.
The cases of children in the work force mentioned above are only a few of the many that exist today in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Globalization can be implemented to reduce the number of children that are forced to work; however, not just any idea to reduce child labour could work, sometimes such idea can actually worsen the issue. A proposed solution for the children working in the cocoa bean industry in Ghana and the Ivory Coast was to develop a social label to reassure consumers that their chocolate products were free of child...

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