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Globalization Essay

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What is Globalization? Globalization is a system that turned the world into a small village where people can communicate with each other faster and easier than ever before. However, it is a double-edged sword such that it affects positively on some countries like the United States making it the only superpower that leads the rest of the world, and leaves others suffering from its negative impacts. (Muller, 2005). Although there are a few positive aspects to support globalization in the Arab region, the effects of this system on this part of the world are those that continue to both oppress and leave it behind in the growing world of communications and trade. Not only does ...view middle of the document...

But in the same street there are mosques where people can pray. It is strange to have that in an Arab country but people no longer have the religious morals that would prevent them from doing the sin. This serious issue shapes the danger that globalization poses on religion.
The language of a culture is the major part of its identity. To lose one’s language is to lose one’s identity, and what is globalization doing is replacing the mother language and destroying it. The replacement process is happening fast and wide. Most of the universities in the Arab countries now use English as the main language. Although it is important to learn other languages but in the same time a one should hold on to his mother language. How can a one be free if he cannot learn in his own language? All of the signs lead to one conclusion that Arabs speaks English in their daily life more than Arabic. The only result of neglecting this issue would be seen on the new generations because they are in a critical stage where they cannot decide who they really are. Being educated in English starting from an early age would make it harder on them to equate between the language that everybody speaks in school and the language that is spoken in home. The history of the Arab region gives us a living example on that. The French colonization of Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco in the years 1830-1956 tried to make French the official language of these countries. After this colonization ended, people were speaking French and a lot of them forgot Arabic. Therefore, it is important not to repeat this experience again.
Traditions and values are those elements that a culture is based on. If one day they have been changed or replaced, they would directly affect the cultural and morals. Much more liberal countries such as the United States of America have different outlooks on life and values. This country is so diverse and upheld to freedom that they do not have strict rules or laws on actions concerning marriage and childbearing, nor physical and sexual openness the way the Arab region does. This influence globalization may lead to more relaxed views by the Arabs of these issues, leading to a possible deterioration of the values and traditions held by these people. Of course, one can argue that they have the choice to follow this influence or remain traditional. Even so, it is hard when young children see the money and opportunity afforded to these people in other countries. They then may want what the people of the other country have and want to be just like them. This blind imitation of western cultures has some tools that make the process faster and easier. This is what is going on now with television and internet. Many Arabs are being pulled into the culture of another through advertisement, internet and television. This may seem like a small issue now but as the globalization continues to grow. The influence will grow as well. There are a few positive issues attributed to...

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