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Globalisation Essay

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Research Method case study of Silver Spoon hotel Sialkot
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This study would be intended to identify the retention strategies and retention problems in order to discover the brunt of retention strategies on[pic] labor force. Silver spoon hotel, Sialkot, Pakistan would be [pic]elected as[pic] a [pic]model for this[pic] research [pic]because its[pic] inimitability [pic]in active modern HR[pic] approaches. It will solely base on empirical study: a sample of 100 surveys and face to face interviews will be taken.

How to obtain customer loyalty through customer retention strategies in ...view middle of the document...

Chapter No. 1: Initials of the study

1.2. Purpose of the study
The ultimate aim of the study is to find out the customer loyalty, retention strategies and customer satisfaction at silver spoon hotel.

1.3. Objectives of the study
I am parting the objectives of the study to basic two points:
• What are the different strategies for getting customer loyalty?
• What customer retention strategies silver spoon has executed in order to retain customers?
1.4. Significance of the study
The [pic]intention of this research[pic] is [pic]to[pic] investigate [pic]the patron retention strategies[pic] at silver spoon hotel. In addition, [pic]the study[pic] also [pic]seeks to:
• Recognize the customer retention strategies that are engaged by the silver spoon hotel.
• Evaluate the usefulness of the strategies.
• Investigate the setbacks and remunerations connected with different patron retention strategies and determine the impacts of these remunerations.
• This studying would help researcher to get more knowledge and better understanding of research variables. It would help the audience to get more in depth knowledge of conducting research. It can also help the researcher to understand the concept of customer loyalty.

• I would also highlight the customer loyalty programs that would help silver spoon hotel to improve its customer loyalty and compete fully with others hotels.
• The left over part of the editorial will include the text that would assess in this research, the methodology that would employ in the study.

1.5 Hypothesis

• H1: Customer’s retention at silver spoon hotel is soaring due to strategies that based on HR and focus on extrinsic rewards, constituent attachment, advancement opportunities, and work life balance flexible work.

• H2: Customer’s empowerment, Goodwill, shared values and organization’s goodwill add to retain them.
Chapter No. 2: Literature review

2.1 Introduction
Services are taken as important factor in customer retention. Organizations are now focusing on lifetime value of customers and use tools to augment relationship executive approach.[pic]
Customer loyalty is all about enticing the right customers, getting them to purchase, often buy companies products, purchase in bulk quantities, these brings the company even having more customers. And build customer loyalty. When customers keep on to purchase goods and services within a establish time periods is known as customer retention. It is the strategic process to retain or keep the existing customers and not letting them to defect or diverge to other competitors for business, but this can be only possible when there is a quality relationship between vendors and customers (Molapo et al., 2011).
Many organizations do not believe in the explicit retention program at place. Many companies spend their most of the resources; time, energy chasing new businesses and huge...

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