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Global Warming: Real Or Fake? Essay

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Global Warming: Real or Fake?
Global warming is a hot topic these days when it comes to current events. Global Warming started to be a real issue since the year 1997, ever since then it has blown up. Now everyone knows at least a thing or two about it. Although several people believe that Global warming is because of us human beings and the tons of gasses that we are putting out into the air, there are also beliefs that this is just a natural pattern of the earth and that the earth is simply just doing its thing. I am one of those people that believe that the earth is going through a natural pattern. I do not really believe the hype that, although there are an overabundance of human beings ...view middle of the document...

This earth has been through so countless different changes even before humans have been able to emit so many gasses, before the time of so many cars and factories. Scientists do not have hard evidence that global warming is a man-made problem. This is just a problem that people came up with because the weather has been acting up. People do not realize that the earth is a living thing too in a way, it will change over time.
Some people think that global warming is real is because of the rise of recent temperatures and the increased hurricane activity in the past decade. This is a silly thing to believe because like mentioned before the earth will change over time whether it is the temperatures or the weather patterns. Do people understand that the earth has been through many cold periods and droughts; we as humans have no control over what happens with the weather. We could very well possibly have an ice age next year, although that is not incredibly likely it could still happen because we have no control over what the earth does. Rising temperatures are caused mostly by water vapors, not CO2. Water vapor is a greenhouse gas that is the most abundant in the atmosphere. In a 2003 study researchers found that temperatures from 1000-1100 AD that are comparable to temperatures from 1900- 1990 (ProCon). This means that even before we were burning fossil fuels it was the same temperature, so burning fossil fuels has no effect on the earth’s rising temperatures. According to a 2010 study by researchers at NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Association) water vapor in the stratosphere was responsible for increasing the rate of global warming during the 1990’s by 30% (ProCon). There has actually been a 29 percent increase in the amount of ocean covered with ice compared to this time last year...

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