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Global Warming: Fact Or Fiction Essay

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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Skye Shaver
American Intercontinental University-Online
June 26, 2012
Dr. Albert Socci


Global warming is a highly debatable subject. Within the scientific community, the only debate there is the rate of global warming. The debate is held among the scientific community and the politicians or common people. This essay will address some viewpoints of both sides of the global warming controversy.

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
What is global warming?
Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are released into the atmosphere on a daily basis as a result of human activities such as the ...view middle of the document...

Some species will not be able to adapt, and will die out. More than one million species could become extinct by the year 2050, if the current rate of global warming is not curtailed. (Pasha, 2009) Also, the warmer water temperatures help to create more energy to pump into tropical storms. Therefore, they are more intense and destructive, for human inhabitants, as well as some animal species. Droughts will also be an issue because warmer temperatures increase ground water evaporation, which, in turn, increases the possibility of droughts and wildfires, further affecting the ecosystem.
Opposing viewpoints of the impacts of global warming
To say that current temperatures are high, one must first agree on a starting, or comparison, point. According to Top Ten “Global Warming” Myths, comparing current temperatures to a different set, such as that of the 1930’s or even 1998, will show that current temperatures are actually cooler now than they were then. (Top Ten, 2007) The Earth with changing weather patterns, cycles through its’ own seasons, so to speak, and generally, warming periods have always brought prosperity.
“Sea levels rise during interglacial periods such as that in which we (happily) find ourselves.” (Top Ten, 2007) As for the claim that the glaciers are melting, what is frozen will melt after a cooling period ends. This is normal. Glaciers are not only retreating, but are also advancing all over. “If retreating glaciers are signs of global warming, then advancing glaciers are signs of global cooling.” (2007) Warming also seems to be unrelated to the retreat. The snow cap of Mt. Kilimanjaro is receding even though temperatures in Kenya have been cooling for decades.
Proposals to stop global warming are not all about helping the environment. The Kyoto Protocol was an effort to control the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by industrialized nations. Kyoto is about bailing out big businesses worldwide. According to Top Ten, this was admitted by Europe’s former...

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