Global Warming: A Global Threat Essay

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Global Warming: A Global Threat

Over the period within which human beings have existed, man has been in the forefront of all technological marvels to date. Man has created, destroyed and revived many natural cycles and dynamics that balance the delicate nature of this world. Although global warming is not a recent phenomenon, very few people had knowledge of its existence a decade ago. However, in the last few years, the media started to shed light into the dangers of global warming, and the idea has finally begun to enter the minds of past and the current generations alike. Global warming poses a great danger to planet earth. A harmonious blend of living organisms, human beings and the ...view middle of the document...

As the figures increase, there is going to be a higher number of people who will be affected by these diseases, and the deaths will most likely rise. Currently most of these diseases are limited to mostly equatorial regions such as sub Saharan Africa, and India. However, due to global warming, an increase in temperature means that the disease belt is going to spread out from damp and hot equatorial regions and people who currently live in zones outside this threat will likely have to face the dangers as well. As a result the world is going to have to deal with more deaths from such diseases. Not only does global warming affect humans by increasing the frequency of diseases, it could also create shortages in food and decrease in crops levels.
Currently, the world is already faced with so many people not having enough to eat. Global warming could also create a big shortage in food levels by decreasing crop yields. Most people educated to at least eighth grade know that carbon dioxide is the most important factor in determining plant growth. However, contrary to this belief, recent studies conducted by the U.S Government and university experiments have shown that, a big increase in carbon dioxide levels to plants can actually slow down and decrease crop growth (Ling). The rising carbon dioxide level is not the only factor that determines plant growth. Higher temperatures mean higher rate of evaporation and lower soil moisture levels (Ling). Recent studies have also shown that plant growth is slowed by higher temperatures and lower soil moisture caused by faster evaporation (Ling). Global warming does affect global food crop levels, but it also poses danger to the economies of many nations.
All of mother earth and all its cycles are closely linked to each other. A break of a link in a chain affects all of the others. Global warming affects nations in many ways. A higher average world temperatures means that the ice begins melting at a faster rate. As a result, glaciers which are the life line of the planet, is melting away rapidly. For example, Montana's Glacier National Park now has only 27 glaciers, versus 150 in 1910 (*Global). Most of the world’s rivers’ and lakes are fed by glaciers. Glaciers melt away at a rapid rate and water level in the rivers has begun to decrease. Decrease in water level destroys aquatic habitats and fish populations decline. As a result, countries that rely on rivers for food are negatively affected. Lower water level also creates problems for irrigation which can again adversely affect crop levels. Countries such as India, China and Brazil whose economies are based on agricultural products can be severely affected by declining water levels. Also, much of the world electricity comes from hydroelectric power stations. When the water level in rivers decrease, electricity production can come to a halt or slow to a feverish pace. As a result, lower energy levels could mean slow industrial production rate and nations whose...

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