Global Village Theory And The News

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Global Village Theory and the News
McLuhan (in E. Griffin, 2012) coined the term ‘global village’ to describe how cultures are brought together through technology. He states that electronic media enables us to communicate with everyone, everywhere, whenever we want to and states that closed human systems do not exist in a world where electronic media is the front and centre. McLuhan’s view of electronic technology essentially states that technology has become somewhat of an extension of senses; sight, sound and hearing with the invention of television, radio and computer, phone, cellphones etc. Through this media we are increasingly linked to others across the world, we are now able to see ...view middle of the document...

My essay assumes that McLuhan’s global village analogy is a large part of cultural globalization and a sense of global, social responsibility. News programs such as CNN provide the watcher with breaking news coverage, on a global scale – of course, most news programs cover international news, but CNN is probably the most well-known.
It is important to distinguish between the meanings of “village”; in one sense the village represents simply the notion of a small space in which people can communicate quickly and know of every event that takes place, such as local news programs. In a broader and more ideal sense the village represents community and the idea that we can all have a role in shaping our global society (Bareviciute, 2010), essentially stating that we are ‘one being’. The idea of 'one being’ is that we are all connected by an electric nervous system of sorts within which the actions of one part will affect the whole. Therefore, international news programs allow for a broader village. With the global village theory, comes an increased sense of responsibility for those cultures that are developed and thriving; if we see less fortunate people due to the technology that is available now (which CNN often presents), we can no longer ignore them; there is an increased sense of accountability to support and offer assistance. With an amplified sense of responsibility to support impoverished/war-torn countries comes the consideration that perhaps a higher system of interconnectedness between...

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