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Global Supply Chain Management Essay

3824 words - 16 pages

B.A in Business with International Management

Executive Summary
Singaporean Government has taken the right action to establish the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) in 1996 due to the critical location at the centre of the trade route connecting with over 600 ports and 120 countries. Until today, MPA has proved its unlimited growth rate and the importance is how maintain the high position and thrive more in the future. Thus, this paper is aimed at the quality improvement of MPA service as well as in Maritime Cargo Transport. The research shows that MPA should consider choosing Total Quality Management or Six Sigma approach to enhance the port performance, maintain the ...view middle of the document...

Beside the SCOR model, the author is also do a briefly refer to one more method in measuring service quality that call SEVRQUAL methods. That methods measure the server performance from a comparison among the customer 's service expectation and customer's actual service experience.
In addition, this current papers are also applied various theories and model in order to evaluate the balance quality and environmental sustainability of future marine transport in MAP. The two key performance indicators that help MPA to face with the issues are amount of polluted water discharged into the sea and the carbon emission index. By using the TQM, the tools has good impacts on improving control ability and reduced the pollution rate as well. At next methods, Six sigma is applied to manage the two KPIs; DMAIC process and Fishbone Diagram are also demonstrated in order to pointing out the gap to take actions and solve the causes. Moreover, to help the TQM process more efficiency, ISO9000 establish the standards for qualifying the waste management and ask for supporting from top management. Last but not least, lean theories are always useful in reducing pollutants and wastage that do a significant help to MPA in the future.
For the last section, some recommendations has been listed for MPA in order to improve the performance in future.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary Page 2
1.0 Introduction Page 5
2.0 Supply Chain Measures For Port Page 5
2.1 SCOR - Plan page 5
2.2 SCOR- Source page 6
2.3 SCOR- Deliver page 7
2.4 SCOR-Return page 8
2.5 SEVRQUAL page 9
3.0 Balancing Quality and Environmental Sustainability For MPA page 9
3.1 Key performance indicators of environmental sustainability page 9
3.2 TQM and environmental sustainability page 10
3.3 Six Sigma and environmental sustainability page 11
3.4 ISO9000 and Environmental Sustainability page 14
4.0 Conclusion page 15
5.0 Recommendation page 15
6.0 References page 16

1.0 Introduction
Located at the focal point of Southeast Asian, Singapore is holding an important role in the global sea routes [ (CIA, 2013) ]. Base on the advantages of the important location, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore was established on 2 February 1996 [ (About MPA, 2014) ]. After founded on 1996, MPA has given the proof of its position of sea routes as well as Singapore's economy. By developing in technology and structure, MPA nowadays has been installed number of facilities that could handles huge volume of cargo. In 2012, there are more than 530 million tonnes of cargo and over 31 container handled at the Singapore Port [ (Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, 2012) ] . However, the development of MPA is not only depend on the location and high-level facilities but also consider for quality service as continuous improvement.
Base on that, in the first section of the report focuses on implementing SCOR model in promoting MPA's...

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