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Global Migration Essay

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Global Migration

Throughout the past century, global migration has skyrocketed, ranging from those in hopes of a better future, to people seeking refuge on political, labor or religious grounds. The general and most common idea of global migration is the movement of a group of people from one region to another more developed region. Since the 1960s their have been many changes in the way global migration has been viewed, modified, and impacted civilization, in some ways for better and other for worse.
From a technological standpoint global migration has been very difficult in the past, but with the invention of the plane, and more efficient methods of transportation, this process has ...view middle of the document...

This act’s main purpose is to prevent possible terrorists from getting a license.
Global migration has played a major role in cultural as well as genetic diversification. Throughout the past 50 years the US was seen as the land for opportunity attracting people from all over the world. The rapid economic growth and need for workers was the driving force behind this mythical view of the US. The US had work and freedom when other countries did not. As a result of this, the US was given the nickname “Melting Pot” because cultures and gene pools from all over the world were being blended together. The gene pool in the US is the most diverse in the world because of this idea, resulting in a wide range of people with many different skills and attributes.
In recent years illegal migration to the US has become a problem and many different ideologies surfaced on how to approach this problem, which made it a political tool in politics. With the rate of population increasing at a rate exceeding the available jobs, many believe our economy is taking a hit and we need to address this issue. Even with immigration limits per year put into place, Record numbers of illegal immigrants are still getting into the US. Immigration has become a hot topic for political debate with each political party having a different viewpoint on how to deal with this growing problem. One idea on how to solve this problem is to grant amnesty to all illegal immigrants residing in...

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