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Global Marketing Strategy Essay

4872 words - 20 pages

CHAPTER 1: Global marketing in the firm 2
1. Introduction to globalization 2
2. The process of developing the global marketing plan 2
3. Comparison of the global marketing and management style of SMEs and LSEs 2
4. Should the company “stay at home” or “go abroad”? 3
5. Development of the global marketing concept 3
6. Forces for global integration and market responsiveness 3
7. The value chain as a framework for identifying international competitive advantage 4
8. Value shop and the service value chain 5
9. Information business and the virtual value chain 5
CHAPTER 2: Initiation of internationalization 8
1. Introduction 8
2. ...view middle of the document...

6. Competitive benchmarking 18
4. The sustainable global value chain – CSR 19
5. The value net 19
6. Blue ocean strategy and value innovation 19

CHAPTER 1: Global marketing in the firm
1. Introduction to globalization
Globalization = reflects the trend of firms buying, developing, producing and selling products and services in most countries and regions of the world
Two years of economic crisis (2008 – 2010)
International trade and demand slowed down
New phase of globalization every part of the world will be competing
Internationalization = doing business in many countries of the world but often limited to a certain region (e.g Europe)
2. The process of developing the global marketing plan
PDF 2, slide 10
The five stage decision model in global marketing in SMEs informal, larger organization systematized
* The decision whether to internationalize
* Deciding which market to enter
* Market entry strategies
* Designing the global marketing programme
* Implementing and coordinating the global marketing programme

3. Comparison of the global marketing and management style of SMEs and LSEs
PDF 2, slide 22 to 24
LSEs: > 250 employees, 1% of the companies, 1/3 of all jobs in EU
SMEs < 50 employees = small, < 250 employees = medium, 99% of the companies
Lego’s strategic drift
Suffer from loss between 1998 from 2004 increase competition TV, videos, CD-ROM games and internet
Working parents don’t have time to play
Decided to focus on its core business sell the Legoland parks
Licensing deals with Harry Potter, bob the builder, Star Wars ...
Profit of 300 million € in 2009

Economies of scale with Nintendo Game Boy
1989 – mid-2009: 200 million Game Boy sold worldwide
Economies of scale manufacturing the hardware

4. Should the company “stay at home” or “go abroad”?
The nine strategic windows:
Industry globalism = no influence |
| Local | Potentially global | Global |
Mature | Enter new business | Prepare for globalization | Strengthen your global position |
Adolescent | Consolidate your export markets | Consider expansion in international markets | Seek global alliances |
Immature | Stay at home | Seek niches in international markets | Prepare for a buyout |

The strategic behaviour depends on the international competitive structure within the industry.
Preparedness for internalization: mature, adolescent, immature = skills
5. Development of the global marketing concept
4 orientations:

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