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Global Marketing Essay

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The United States has strongly supported trade liberalization since the end of World War II, mainly by the removal of trade barriers such as quotas, subsidies, and tariffs. America has pursued multilateral negotiations for years with a number of countries through the General Agreement on Tariffs (Gabriel. H, Oct, 2007). On April 4th, 2007, after 10 months of negotiations, the United States concluded a free trade agreement with South Korea, which was the most important since the 1994 NAFTA (Gabriel. H, Oct, 2007). According to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, today South Korea is the world’s 10th-largest economy and America’s 7th-largest trading partner. The KORUS FTA is expected ...view middle of the document...

In detail, the united auto workers are pleased that the agreement will increase auto exports to Korea. They have embraced the deal, which is a modified version of an agreement that President George W. Bush first negotiated in 2007 (Steven. G, Dec 8th, 2010). By supporting the agreement, the two unions such as auto workers and machinists are breaking with organized labor’s traditional opposition to free-trade agreements as a threat to American jobs (Steven. G, Dec 8th, 2010). The machinists’ union has denounced the Korea deal. This labor movement is caused by their different benefits from the deal. The auto workers can export more products to Korea because their cost of products would be lower than before if they include no trade tax (John M, n.d.). Therefore, they can obtain a lot of benefit from the auto-export. On the other hand, machinists get a big loss to their benefits and lose their own competitive power (John M, n.d.). They would have to make the cost of automobile components much lower in order to sell their products because the automobile components from Korea will be much cheaper and higher quality than the U.S if there are no taxes after the trade deal is passed (John M, n.d.). As a result, people will use Korean components instead of U.S components. This is the reason why they should make their cost lower and denounce the trade deal.
Thomas Buffenbarger, president of the International Association of Machinists, voiced concern that the agreement would increase imports of automobile components from Korea, endangering the jobs of his union’s members (Steven. G, Dec 8th, 2010). “We see it as just a repeat of NAFTA. It helps corporation, but it really doesn’t help our workers.” he said, referring to the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1993, which removed many trade barriers among the United States, Mexico and...

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