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Global Managers Essay

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How Roche Diagnostics Develops Global Managers

Discuss who is responsible for producing global leaders.
When I think of the word global, what come to my mind are culture, diversity, and
countries. The word leader brings to my mind one who leads, guide or direct. A global leader is
one who can lead or manage a diversity group based upon many various differences. A global
leader is one who can understand culture and the market for other countries. The company that is
being represented is the one primarily that is responsible for producing global leaders. Proper
training and development starts with that ...view middle of the document...

Within the airline industry,
this global airline leader had to recognize people of all culture, languages and religion. Without
good global leaders within the airline industry, I don’t believe this major airline would have been
as successful as it has been. As previously mentioned, a global leader has to exemplify good
management along with good planning skills and knows how to provide balance with their
culture and beliefs with other various cultures and beliefs. The global leaders for this major
airline, understood and accepted the various challenges that was set before them and concurred
every obstacle that was present.
Roche’s Perspective Program invests many resources to develop their global leaders.
Based on the O’Toole chapter on public policy, discuss the possible changes that can be
made in the U. S. to encourage companies to become global leaders.
Possible changes that could be made in the U. S. to encourage companies to become
global leaders are by enforcing the importance of global. I think if the United States understood
the importance better...

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