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Global It Essay

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Globalization process
Process by which global transnational structures, organizations and societies overtake the national structures, organizations and societies

Globalism: ideology
World market vs national politics and market
Ideology belief in superiority of global structures

Globality: consequences of globalization: open societies, destruction of closed societies, awareness of other nations, cultures, and values.

Underlying forcesfor globality
Increase expansion of international trade
Rapid expansion of information technology
Expansion of global communication and entertaintment
Expansion of multinational, trans-national corporations and industries.
Expansion of world ...view middle of the document...

Modern day computers evolved from mechanical devices created in 1600. Charles babbage designed an attempted build machines to solve mathematical solutions. 1642 blaise pascal designed mechanical adding machine
Internet revolution: 1961- 1974
Concepts : packet switching, email, Ethernet, open architecture.
1995-2000 innovation. 2001-2006 consolidation 2006-present reinvention

Major worlds regions.
Google earth is a suitable tool for getting to know the locations of regions and countries.
World is divided into regions. While there is no fixed officla set of region in the world, there is a commonly used set of regions. The best source for such division is CIA.

Emerging markets
In transition from developing to developed countries. First suggested by world bank.

What global IT and why we read in this course. Network readiness index.

Global information technology report
Objective: providing a comprehensive view of the degree to which countries across the globe rely and use information and communication technologies (ICT) for enhanced competitiveness, job creation and improve economic and social conditions.

Measure: networked readiness indess (NRI) based on 4 indicatiors. Covers 144 countries, 98% of global economies

Top performers: finland, Singapore, Sweden, Netherlands.
Stakeholders: individuals, business and governments

Pillars: what does into the index: 10 pillars
Network readiness index: environment, readiness, usage, impact
Environment subindex: the environment subindex gauges a countrys market conditions and regulatory environment that can facilitate innovation, competiveness and quality of social and economic conditions.
Pillar 1 – political and regulatory environment. Pillar 2 – business and innovation

Pillar 1. Extent to which legal structures of the country facilitates the expansion of IT and the development of business activities. It includes the law, regulations, poverty, judiciary system, ict related such as software piracy and ICT laws. Has 9 variables.
a) Effectiveness of law making bodies b) law relating to ict c) judicial independence d) efficiency of legal system in settling disputes, e) efficiency of legal system in challenging regulation f) intellectual property protection g) software piracy h) number of procedures to enforce a contract i) time to enforce a contract days.

Pillar 2:
Quality of business contions to promote entrepreneurship and doing business and being innovative and availability of technology. Has 9 variables.
a) Avalibility of latest technologies b) venture capital availability c) total tax rate d) time required so start a business e)number of procedures to start business f) intensity of local competition g) tertiary education gross enrollment rate h) quality management schools i) government procurement of advance technology products.

Pillar 3: infrastructure and digital content.
Ict infrastructure such as mobile network coverage, broadband...

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