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Global Inequality Essay

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As the world continues to be ‘globalized’ we are noticing issues in impoverished nations that might have been overlooked before. Additionally the climate crisis is playing a key role in making sure third world nations continue to experience inequality as they get hit with tsunami’s and other deadly storms that disrupt their development.
Financial aid is not always a winning ticket with impoverished nations. The immediate relief is effective to an extent in distributing essentials but how smart is an investment that you constantly throw money at and receive nothing in return? This money is going to things that are manufactured outside the poorer nation and as a result is exacerbating the inequality gap. When offering relief it is effective to support the nation after a crisis but ultimately providing jobs that will stay in the region is the goal. Why use a product ...view middle of the document...

The health issue is a double edged sword because although many diseases that haunted the past like polio have been eliminated, new ones emerge that cause even more disastrous effects like AIDS. The government now offers incentives to drug companies for vaccine development which will hopefully prove successful. The inequality gap is increasing with more cases of malaria and HIV in third world countries while we experience diseases that result from tobacco use and obesity including heart disease.
A strong private sector is essential for development in countries. Successful businesses are more willing to invest money back into the community which can benefit the population. A strong private sector also spells more tax dollars which can be used to aid the public by providing essential services.
Trade policies exacerbate the inequality between countries. If a country has a strong product to export there is potential for development in that country. However having a product that successfully exports is difficult especially when cheap labor is already accounted for. One must also look at the quality of the product being traded as well. A technologically developed product like a hospital machine will produce more money and more pull than a generically made toy proving the point that it takes money to make money.
Impoverished nations experience inequalities from many angles including political and financial. From a capitalistic view it is good to have a surplus of workers which these nations provide and a want to change the political system at large as most of these third world countries are run by dictators and other figure heads.


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