Global Illiteracy Essay

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Masen Ensign
All around the world education is key to success. But the problem is that there is illiteracy that puts a damper on education. It is an issue that sweeps the world. There are many countries that deal with this issue and affect their country. Many don’t know how to fix this problem.
Everywhere around the world there is Illiteracy in school. The most illiterate countries are that which are very unfortunate. Within every Country have differences in illiteracy. It may be the Education system, the teaching pattern in which the teachers teach, or just the students themselves. It could start with young age children and progresses from there. Other countries are harder on the ...view middle of the document...

Or the homework that they give out or what the teachers expect of them and think they can do. So because of all of this, there becomes a problem of illiteracy.
Illiteracy usually starts at a young age. From kindergarten through grade 3, learning to read is a particularly intense endeavor for both teachers and learners. During this critical time period, students are "cracking the code" and building the foundations for lifelong literacy. (Antunez, B. (2002). Implementing Reading First with English language learners.) If education is not implemented at this age. Illiteracy can creep up and start to affect the child.
Going back to the teachers themselves, they could be a teacher that just has the students take notes the whole time or have a monotone voice that doesn’t interest the students, which includes to them not paying attention or not getting the right teaching method. There are many ways a teacher can affect a students learning. This all can lead to a student’s illiteracy.

Although it could be the students themselves. They could have the choice to drop out, show up to school every once in a while, or just not pay attention. No matter what the circumstances behind the issues of literacy, we need to take a step back and analyze our options and move forward from there. Children of...

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