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Global Human Resource Management In Contrast To Hofstede’s Five Dimensions

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Human Resource Management: Module 2 Reaction Paper

Global Human Resource Management in contrast to Hofstede’s five dimensions

Changes in technology, social and economics have led to many organizations expanding their business into international markets. Business exchanges between various countries have become a common thing today. However, expanding their enterprise globally will bring new legal and ethical challenges due to differences in cultural view. HR professionals must increase their knowledge and skills in the international environment to keep their organizations competitive in this challenging global marketplace. It means that HR related problems different countries ...view middle of the document...

This global cross-cultural workplace exchange is found to be beneficial in so many ways; and can also shed light on differences in how HR issues are handled in comparison to the typical U.S. approaches. We should not just try to understand the differences in culture, but look at how these differences can be used to gain a competitive edge to advance the mission of the organization.
Several studies have been made to better understand how culture affects work place policies. The Hofstede theory of cultural dimensions is such a study to help us compare two cultures. This study defines five aspects of culture differences that affect businesses. The five dimensions are power distance, individualism, and masculinity, and uncertainty avoidance, long-term and short-term orientation. Each dimension influences how businesses establish human resources policies and practices. (Ivancevich & Konopaske, 2013)
The culture of the American work place based on the Hofstede five cultural dimensions is highly contrasting in relation to the workplace culture of Japan . The American culture typically scores low on high power distance, highly individualistic, masculine, low uncertainty avoidance and short term oriented. (Ivancevich & Konopaske, 2013) On the other hand the Japanese culture “is characterized by moderate power-distance, moderate individualism, very high masculinity, very high uncertainty avoidance, and a high long term orientation.” (Frost, 2013) This contrast is important to study to handle H.R issues pertaining to two very different cultures and approaches. We will briefly discuss two of these dimensions in contrast between the American and Japanese cultures to gain an understanding of how these culture differences could shape an organizations HR policies.
The power distance dimension is the extent power in an organization is distributed equally. It is how the interaction occurs between subordinates and supervisors. In American organizations the distance is low and flat. The typical hierarchical structure allows for easy accessible of seniors and superiors for consulting and knowledge sharing. Information is shared and moves through departments. Although Japan does not score as high as the...

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