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Prior to the implementation of the Global Fund, eradication programs and funding for diseases like AIDS, TB, and malaria were inadequate and incapable to meet the pressing needs of global health. With an annual death toll of 6 million people, these three diseases contributed to the highest mortality rates for developing countries by the end of the 1990’s. As an effort to combat the spread of disease, UNAIDS, WHO foundation, and donor countries relied on major support systems of bilateral aid agencies and development banks to disperse funds to governments. But the dispersion of funds was too slow and the “old model” did not enable enough country ownership to even be effective. Due to ...view middle of the document...

” The declaration emphasized ownership, where developing countries created their own programs for the disease eradication. After the Monterrey Consensus and the Paris Declaration came to play, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called for the creation of a “war chest” that spends $7-10 billion annually on the campaign against AIDs. His efforts paid off in June 2002 when the Global Fund was established, providing grants to its first 36 countries for AIDS, TB and malaria.The Global Fund burrowed much of its principles from the Paris Declaration by creating a more flexible funding mechanism. It did not become an implementing entity because it allows country ownership of its own programs. To funding these programs, the the Global Fund burrowed principles from the Monterrey Consensus to select its stakeholders. The Fund relies not only on the consultation of the government, but also the private sector, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and the civil society. By collaborating the efforts of both public and private sectors the Global Fund maximizes its financial input by complimenting it with other funding programs. This public/private partnership is unique from the “old model” of bilateral agencies and world banks. The Fund is also the first to implement the Early Alert and Response System (EARS), which assists “fragile states” to build infrastructure to implement their programs.

Although the Global Fund is a significant improvement from the “old model,” there are still problems in reaching significant funds to maintain projects. 85 percent of the $17 billion annual target donation come from the G8 countries. With this heavy reliance on the G8, cutbacks in funding from these countries drastically affect the progress of the Global Fund. But many argue that emerging countries (now part of G20) should be contributors to the Global Fund, despite being recipients of the Fund. For example, China, with a $2.5 trillion foreign currency reserve, is the fourth largest recipient of Global Funds. Because it is a middle income country, it is eligible to receive many grants. But this forces donor countries to allocate less funds to lower income countries. This loophole of eligibility creates an obscure line between countries that are donors and those that are recipients. There has also been much controversy over whether the Global Funds should focus on health systems rather than disease-specific causes. Margaret Chan, director of the World Health Organization, claims that weak health systems are major setbacks to reaching global health goals. Yet, most of the Fund’s money goes towards disease-specific programs, which reflect the priorities of donor not recipient countries. Donor countries prefer the disease-specific approach because the eradication is simpler and more cost effective than approaching broad-scale health care problems.

In order to provide the most effective approach in improving global health, the...

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