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Global Expansion Essay

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Carey Strickland
American Intercontinental University
Good and Bad Marketing Plans
Marketing Management

June 8, 2012

This paper will provide the definition of a marketing plan, and discuss the difference between a strategic and tactical marketing plan. The temporary store will be discussed as a successful marketing plan, along with the failure in marketing of Burger King. The marketing plans will then be analyzed to show why one plan was a success while the other was a failure. The movie John Carter was also discussed as to why it was a flop at the box office.

Good and Bad Marketing Plans
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The stores are designed to take customers by surprise, arouse an emotional response, stimulate reactions, and enrich the complex of brand values (Micaela, S, 2011). This allows the industry to adapt to new fashion trends quickly and with very little profit loss (Micaela, S, 2011). Italy plays an important role in the distribution of fashion and have more bargaining power and their market power has increased to shape consumer preferences (Micaela, S, 2011). When a temporary store is open, there is no monetary objective to be reached, just to break even and communicate the brand to the public (Micaela, S, 2011). It also allows for a manufacturer to see how their product is going to be received prior to putting all their resources into a specific location and high costs of investment into a permanent store (Micaela, S, 2011).
Marketing Failure
The saddest failure in marketing is said to be Burger King’s never-ending search for an image. (Big Flops, American Demographics). They have changed their marketing strategy so much it is hard to keep up with the newest one (Big Flops, American Demographics). One of their strategies was to create “Herb”, a nerd who had never visited the restaurant before, but that made some customers think only nerds visited (Big Flops, American Demographics). They then went to the slogan “Sometimes you gotta break the rules”, which was not liked among parents (Big Flops, American Demographics). The advertising method did not sway a customer to go to Burger King vice other fast food restaurants (Big Flops, American Demographics).
Analysis of Examples
The temporary store was a successful marketing plan because there is always something new to observe and it keeps the interest of the customer. Once you lose the interest of consumers it is very hard to make them want to return to your place of business. Burger Kings failure in marketing is directly contributed to the customers. They are not appealing to the type of person who goes to a fast food restaurant they are trying to win customers over with poor marketing skills.
The Box Office Flop
The Walt Disney Production John Carter was a box office bomb (The 15 Biggest Box…, 2012). It was declared by none other than Disney itself only two weeks after it opened at the box office and is in still heavy rotation in theaters everywhere (The 15 Biggest Box…, 2012). They are expecting this film to generate an operating loss of approximately...

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