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Global Events And Leadership Essay

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Jordan Belfort, More Noise From Victims After Movie Launch
Audience and victims are becoming more curious and alert after the success of the movie “the wolf of wall street” by Leonardo Dicaprio , people all over the globe and myself are questioning , Belfort: Good or Bad ? Rich or Broke? hiding money or not and when will victims claim their money back. Some victims claimed that they have lost all their money savings, others said that the movie showed Belfort as a myth of which triggered them to ask for more actions to have their money and many claimed that these type of movies shouldn’t show these people as heroes instead they should have shown real victims and how they suffer rather than ...view middle of the document...

Belfort was pledged guilty and forced to pay around 110.4 million $ to the 1,500 plus victims in addition to 50 % of any future earnings towards reinstitution, overall it has been said that he has paid around $11.6 million from the total amount due, prosecutors said he didn’t pay a penny in 2010. It appears that Belfort is still living the millionaire Luxurious life on the contrary, he said that he is not hiding any money from the government. Belfort and partners may have globally affected families, stock markets and justice believes, Prosecutors are still talking about his case until now.

It appears that Belfort have made over $2million from 2 book publications and from the sales of movie rights, furthermore the talented salesman is said to getting paid around $30,000 per hour for his teachings. Jordan is now considered a hot topic for different magazines and websites including Forbes where he appeared in different bogs. Belford is now being followed by around 30,700 people on twitter and is actively tweeting about different topics, updates for his personal and career life. In the 1990’s it was said that Belfort was to make around £600,000 weekly, “Interestingly Danny Porush his partner in Stratton Oakmont is now running a medical supply company, living in a $ 4 million mansion and driving a convertible Rolls-Royce” said J.S.(TheDailyBeast2013), the question is : an intelligent, talented , smart salesman , entrepreneur making that much money cannot pay back his victims?! In an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN “actions speak louder than words” said Belfort(2014), meaning that he will pay victims back but he will not talk much about it now. Belforts lawyers said that he has paid all his dues for reinstitution which increased prosecutors and publics’ frustration.

After the release of the movie “the wolf of wall street” in 25 December 2013, a loud noise has been heard all over news and social media about the original Jordan Belfort. Victims, viewers and even prosecutors all around the world are asking questions, everyone is becoming more interested in knowing the real Belfort and victims are in an anxious state after the movie success by Leonardo Dicaprio.

A talented charismatic leader who had a vision, Jordan Belfort was able to start his own company Stratton Oakmont with his partner Danny Porush as Belfort believed in himself, in his capabilities and knew there was a chance to be extremely rich fast. At almost age of 28, he was able to recruit friends, employees and transform them into minor Belforts, he was able to teach his team phone sales and provided them with schemes that they had to follow by heart. In few years according to Bernard Bass cited in Rickards,T. (2012.p82) he used “contingent rewards” style, his team knew their directions clearly, and he gave bonuses which reached $85,000 a year which made each broker eager to achieve what is required. Belfort was dynastic, he was in control of almost...

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