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Global Enterprise Essay

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A simple definition of orgazational change is ‘new ways of organizing and working’ it is the process of moving from some current state to some future state that, whether planned or unplanned, compromises the unexpected and unforeseen as well as the expected.
Questions like how does useful innovation happen in an organization or how do you encourage innovation are the questions faced by many organizations in today’s economy. Rather than survive as organization, there is a new strategy to survive which innovation; innovating knowledge sharing and creating within the organisation.


I’m going to discuss how innovation can be used to support knowledge sharing/creation and learning in an organization. Businesses emphasize knowledge management for a number of reasons, one is to encourage innovation. Bessant and Tidd (2007;29) summarise innovation as ‘ the process ...view middle of the document...

. Process innovation has a goal to create processes that encourage innovation throughout the business throughout the business. Processes must be chosen to fit the problem. There are many processes that can be used to encourage innovation but there aren’t any rules that will guarantee innovation outcomes, it is usually a matter of encouraging knowledge sharing behaviour that leads to innovative outcomes. Some organizations have started to formalize their structures to give innovation added importance and profile in the organization. These are based on generic processes like those defined by writers such as Dobni (2006). A process is made up of a number of generic activities that are recognised as encouraging innovation. The degree of complexity increases as the number of business processes grows; some authors see business process as ecosystems which must be integrated throughout the business (Vidgen and Wang, 2006).

Innovation can be used to support knowledge sharing and creation in an organisation; Recently Emily Ford argued that a company can find its way forward in innovating by following 10 rules; Emily wrote an article for London Times online which stated the 10 rules which would help companies implement innovation into their workforce. Robert F Brands also has a 10 rule process to help with Innovation and Opportunity Recognition. He is a Speaker and Consultant; he has led worldwide teams responsible for Innovation in Marketing and Sales, Operations and Research and Development. One of the many innovation processes includes one by Brands; Roberts Rules of Innovation, this process is designed to create and sustain innovation to give corporations the drive they need to gain and retain market share.
Technology is an important perspective in process design. There are many technologies available for process support. Thus processes must be designed in ways to help people exchange knowledge and be aware of each other’s activities (Hawryszkiewycz;25)

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