Global Elderly Care Essay

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Global Elderly Care Differentiations
Different places in the world treat our elderly in a variety of ways. There has never been one way to care for everyone. We’ve been learning about how different countries and cultures care for their elders. In some places, families all live together under one roof until death. In other places, elders are sent to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Still, some places have a very unique way of doing things for their elderly populations.
According to Huffington Post, many Asian countries have a great level of respect for their aging elders. In China, it is a law to honor one’s mother and father. There is a penalty for breaking the law and can result in expensive fines. In Vietnam, elders live with their families and are considered a source of wisdom and honor, as well as being considered the head of the household. They help with child rearing as well as household chores. In Korea, a person’s ...view middle of the document...

In many situations, these elders are left alone in homes to live out their lives. In situations where a mental disease is present, many people feel like it is too difficult to maintain the level of care necessary to keep their loved ones healthy, so they have to send them somewhere to receive the care they need.
In France, there is a law that people must stay in touch with their elderly family members. Unfortunately, this was put into action due to high rates of elderly suicide as well as many dead elderly individuals that were not found until weeks after they had been dead (Martinez-Carter). At the time, France held the highest rates of suicide in the world. It seems unimaginable to think that people can go so long without seeing or even speaking to their older loved ones. When it gets to a point where a law has to be put in place in order to make people pay attention to their elders, a problem needs to be addressed.
In the Mediterranean area, family is the most important unit. This is where families all live together in the same house. There can be as many as 4 or 5 generations living together. The elderly are responsible for helping with childcare while the younger individuals take care of the labor that makes money. Everyone helps out with the chores. With this in mind, that means that the older population remains as an important part of their families (Martinez-Carter).
Overall, it is important for our aging populations to be and feel integrated into the family. High suicide rates are correlated with loneliness and abandonment of families. In areas where the elders are considered to still be a major part of the family, there is better health conditions and lower rates of suicide. When people care about their families enough to love and support each other, everyone experiences better levels of happiness.

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