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Global Crime Analysis

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Global Crimes Analysis
University of Phoenix
Cynthia Butler
April 16, 2012

This paper will identify the various major global crimes and criminal issues that affect national and international criminal justice systems and processes. In addition, there will be a comparison and contrast of the different criminal justice systems and how they have addressed major global crimes and criminal issues.
Global crime is an issue that threatens the safety and security of people all over the world. Global crime can be international drug smuggling operations, human trafficking, or international prostitution rings. Weapons trading are also a problem that ...view middle of the document...

In some countries around the world drug trafficking does not have a zero tolerance policy against the crime.
The reasons behind this may be attributed to the profiteering that occurs as a result, which is frustrating to law enforcement agencies worldwide. In order to contain the problems of drug trafficking, every country must agree to eradicate the substances to make the drugs, coca and poppy are two of the substances that can used to make the drugs Cocaine and Heroin. In addition, cannabis is used to produce the drug Marijuana, which is one of the most widely used substances in the United States. The production and distribution of narcotics is one of the biggest international problems that plague the world community. When all countries get rid of the substances used to produce and distribute drugs, which the criminal justice system has trouble controlling within their countries.
The major global crimes listed above always signal organized crime entities and the problem that criminal justice systems have when these elements exist are that the organized crime rings normally have corrupt police officers within their departments. In addition, organized crime rings usually have links to businesses and politicians, which further complicate the criminal justice system from stopping these crimes.
Furthermore, border security has also been a massive problem for these crimes, which also boasts the problem of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is problematic particularly for the United States because many people from foreign countries enter into the United States with the intent to make money by committing these global crimes.
In comparison to the United States, Russian police are having a particularly hard time adapting to a democratic society. Thus, the concept of the DEA, FBI, and corrections departments in America open an interesting look into how the United States deal with the problems of global crime. The Deflem (n.d) website notes that there are differences in the goals of Western and Non-Western society. In addition, the way that criminal justice systems operate around the world works according to the style that they use. An example of this is the central European countries, which is a centralized system. This means that the police are almost like a military force. In contrast, the British operate on a decentralized platform, which means that they operate more closely to the community than a centralized force. The Russian police have a hard time with more sophisticated crimes such as money laundering or drug trafficking. The Japanese criminal justice system works well because of police involvement with the citizens. Japan is studied by many police researchers around the world because of the low crime rate. However, in...

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