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Global Business Strategies Case Study Of Google Into China

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Case Study of Google in China

Case Study of Google in China

The SEO Consultants (2010) website highlights Google as the number one leading internet search engine within the United States today. In earlier years, the managers’ of Google recognized to remain competitive they needed to enter into the international territory of China. Shortly after launching the search engine in China from the home base of the U.S., the Chinese government blocked the site to prevent users from access to information the government deemed should be censored. Once unblocked, the government censored the search results users of China received. Google management determined they needed to base an operation ...view middle of the document...

As Google makes the majority of their money through advertisements it would be highly desirable to have a very large market like China to penetrate. This possibility struck many as Google was lowering their values to make a fast dollar and the company needed to overcome this challenge.
Role of Host Government
The Chinese government does not legally recognize rights’ regarding censorship like the United States does. Censorship is still commonly conducted in Chain and the country’s government works to shield many political topics from the people of China. When Google launched into Chain, making the search engine available to Chinese residents, the Chinese government blocked the search tool until they could figure out how to censor the search results to remove anything that slightly resembled something the government didn’t want the public to see (Hill, 2009).
The Google site was operating out of the U.S. and with the Chinese governments censoring in addition to the distance the information needed to travel; it made the site extremely slow for users. To really penetrate the market and remain competitive, Google management knew they needed to set up a full operations center within China; however they would then be held accountable for upholding Chinese laws and regulations. These laws and regulations include censoring, which challenges Google’s values and ethical standard (Hill, 2009).
Strategic and Operational Challenges
To overcome some of the challenges the Google management faced when moving into the Chinese region, there needed to be vast consideration of how to explain actions to the public. By...

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