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Global Business Essay

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The selection that I have made for the Global Business Cultural Analysis research project is Australia. Doing the research we find that Australia is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world. We will look and see how their country is the 12th largest. Australia has so many beautiful beaches and rainforest that I want to know about. Getting to know about Australia how they have the six states and the territories. Australia has so many different languages that in the country.
Also learning why a president is able to keep applying without having a deadline. To learn why Australia is considered the “The Lucky Country” since they have some of the world’s deadliest ...view middle of the document...

The environmental issues in Australia are very grave, and most Australians move as one to conquer these issues.
The economy of Australia is another important issue in our time. The financial status of Australia is rich and stable, and is the envy of many. However, there are still many Australians with financial problems. This is caused by the consistently rising cost of living – the rising petrol prices, rising interest rates and many more. This is forcing many Australians to live in poverty. They are forced to sell their houses and many are close to bankruptcy. Homelessness is not uncommon in Australia, and this issue is worsening at a rapid rate, affecting all Australians.
Australia is a multicultural country. There are many migrants living in Australia, and millions more dream of a home Down Under. Australians are continuing to accept these newly arrived migrants with open arms, and are willing to share the Australian culture with them. The migrants in return, share their own culture with Australians, and everybody lives cohesively. However, racism is an important issue in Australia. Unlike the treatment migrants receive, the Indigenous Australians are treated unfairly. Aborigines are left behind in the development of society in Australia. Even though the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd has apologized to the stolen generation, and to the Indigenous Australians for the treatment they have received, a big portion of the society has not. Indigenous Australians have been shunned and ignored by many. This is an issue Australians must work on to improve.
The technological advancement is a part in all Australians’ lives. The younger generations embrace this, but the elder are staying behind. This is creating serious communication breakdown between generations, and widening the generation gap. Eventually, youths will prefer to use technologies over ‘traditional’ ways, and will lead to relationship problems.
Although Australia is not a perfect Utopia, Australians can be proud of their distinct traits. Australians are proud of their culture and lifestyles, which includes their love for mate ship, and laidback attitude. Australians can always find space to relax and wind down even during the darkest of days, and their mates rare always reliable.
Australia is home to many diverse communities, but they all have enjoyed and prospered. There might be issues to still be worked on, but overall, it is still a lucky destination and a lucky country for all.
History on the poor in Australia has been widely discussed and debated amongst academics, particularly economic historians, charities and the state. Each perspective differing, as too does their representations of state interventions to alleviate poverty. Many academics past and present have attempted to critically examine the states response to poverty in the hope, perhaps to identify the effects and causes to come up with real solutions to poverty. Poverty is an overwhelming problem...

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