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Global Business Essay

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Production process flow

Factory starts working on an order after order is confirmed. In the following production processes are listed and explained.

#1. Fabric Sourcing

Factory sources fabrics from buyer recommended fabric suppliers. This way they able to maintain quality level of the fabrics. Fabric are sourced and stored in fabric store in racks. Fabric inspection is done prior to issue fabric to cutting department.

#2. Trims Sourcing

Factory sources trims and accessories based on requirement and stored in Trim store room. Trims are kept buyer wise. For inventory management factory uses bin card. Each bin card contains details of trims, available inventory stocks.

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Fixed cutting – In case excess fabric at seam lines does not required for following processes such as printing and embroidery fixed cutting is done.

Block cutting is done for printing and embroidery process for some designs. In some cases, block cutting is required for few component and rest components are cut fixed shape in same lays.

All components are numbered with sticker or marker and stored. Numbering is done to ensure that garment components are attached from same layer and size.

#7. Cutting Audit

Auditing is done for cut components as well as bundles.

#8. Printing and Embroidery

Cut panels are sent for printing and embroidery. Based on Product design different panels of same garment may be required to process through different process at the same time. In case, one or two components are sent for these processes other components are kept in layers in racks with proper Layer tag.

#9. Print and embroidery Checking

Printed and Embroidery panels are checked for print and embroidery quality and stored for sorting based on sequence number of each layer.

#10. Re-cutting

Re-cutting is done for block panels after printing or embroidery process to shape components. Re-cutting is done in single panel or couple of panels.

#11. Super market

Numbering and bundling of cut components are done and bundles are kept on trolleys. Trolleys are placed in supermarket, a place where all trolleys are kept and marked line number to which line a trolley to be sent.

#12. Loading

Factory has multiple lines in a floor and lines are designed (machine layout) product specific. Trolleys with cutting are loaded to the line as per plan.

#13. Sewing

Line supervisors and Industrial Engineers do line setting based on line layout prepared by IE. First operator in the...

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