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Glg 101 With Lab Week 1 Review Questions

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Week One Review Questions
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Chapter 1: Critical and Creative Thinking Questions 3 & 5
3. How do you think the principle of uniformitarianism accounts for occasional catastrophic events such as meteorite impacts, huge volcanic eruptions, or great earthquakes?
Uniformitarianism is a theory that states that past events are happening today and will happen in the future. What we do today has an effect on the geologic formation and structure and can lead to natural disasters.
5. In what ways do geologic processes affect your daily life?
Daily life can be interrupted by flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes and wildfires destroying ...view middle of the document...

There are many unanswered questions (Gore, 2013).
4. Choose one of the geologic periods or epochs listed in Figure 3.8 and find out all you can about it. How are rocks from that period identified? What are its most characteristic fossils? Where are the best samples of rocks from your chosen period found?
Rocks from the Tertiary Period are unique because they have bits of clasts (smaller rocks) from the underlying primary and secondary rocks in them. The Tertiary Rocks were defined by fossil shells that look similar to the modern ones, without the great ammonoids and other long-extinct fossils of older rocks. The best samples of tertiary rocks can be found along the crest of the Sierra Nevada north of Lake Tahoe.

Chapter 14: Critical and Creative Thinking Questions 1 & 4
1. Recall from Chapter 1 (see Table 1) that Earth and Venus are so similar in size and overall composition that they are almost “twins”. Why did these two planets evolve so differently? Why is Earth's atmosphere rich in oxygen and poor in carbon dioxide, whereas the reverse is true on Venus? What would happen...

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