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Gladiator Essay

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What Was Life Like for a Gladiator?

Gladiators were swordsmen that entertained audience members, in the era of the Roman Empire, with harsh and violent actions. Gladiators fought against other gladiators, animals, and criminals. In the battle, gladiators stayed fighting against each other and against animals until one of them stays alive. They fought at arena’s called Colosseum. Most of them were unschooled slaves. They were also set apart even at death. Professional gladiators were often free men who volunteered to participate in the events to gain popularity and escape the low social scale they ...view middle of the document...

He was then stoned and killed. Three days later the Emperor issued a decree that the gladiatorial games were to stop.
The daily routine- Food and Hygiene
The life as a gladiator started at the morning first by eating the first meal of the day when the stomach was strictly hungry. Because of the strict discipline, new gladiators or novicius were not allowed to speak to one another; they were also guarded all the times and bounded in shackles. The new gladiators were seen as valuable commodities and were therefore well fed with a high protein diet. The life of a gladiator included eating three meals a day. The roman gladiator's diet consisted of meat or fish, bread, cereals, and vegetables. Other types of food included barley, dry fruits, cheese, goat milk, eggs and olive oil. The gladiators drank only water.
The life as a gladiator included attention to personal hygiene. Gladiators were given frequent massages and allowed to take hot and cold baths. When so many gladiators were forced to live in close proximity, the medici would ensure that the threat of diseases and infection were kept to a minimum. The life of a gladiator in terms of food and living conditions was therefore often superior to the lower class of Romans.

New recruits, called novicius, of gladiators, first went to schools and were assessed by lanistas, the owners of many the schools, doctors or better known as trainers. Trainers assessed the type of gladiator the person should be based on his strength. Most trainers were retired gladiators. In the training, the trainers taught gladiators on how to use various weapons and moves based on their type. The gladiators were assessed physically also by receiving, like modern athletes, three meals per day to keep them healthy and strong.
Gladiators were from many types. For today, we will just mention some of them. Some types of gladiators are:
1) Eques or (the rider): The equities were the gladiators to start the event in the colosseum every...

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