Girth Of A Nation Essay

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Girth of a Nation

“We have sparked a global obesity crisis. Way to go, America. Making the world safe for diabetes.”
America has kissed the bottom end of the big obesitymeter – now sixty million American adults – thirty percent of the adults in the working age are obese. Problem? Certainly! But, what about the future? Have we treated our children in the right way – or have we led them on to the road of eternal obesity and everlasting oblivion? Well… Some have. Sixteen percent of American children are either overweight or obese. It’s not just the outraging teenagers who become obese; you find obesity as early as the age of two. Scary? Totally!

Morgan Spurlock has written “Girth of a nation” as the second chapter of his book “Don’t eat this book” – it’s written in a colloquial language – but still a language containing in large quantities. You can see and example below:

“America's growing waistlines are hurting ...view middle of the document...

57 per person per day on food.”

When Morgan Spurlock uses this argument it’s being performed in a way with a rhetorical device called logos. A device where you use an argument that is logical to the mind of the listener, and make the listener go “ahhhh”, you’ll usually use facts, with a scientific acceptation. But is it the poor children’s parents’ fault as well as the common and the rich American citizen? We’ve already been told about the difference in the budget of the money for a whole day of meals is $11.43 higher for a common American than for a poor.

“The USDA reports that the cost of vegetables and fruit rose 120 percent between 1985 and 2000, while the price of junk like sodas and sweets went up less than 50 percent on average.”

We see this problem at the federally funded “National School Lunch Program”, which many lower-income children depends on. The companies providing this food for the “National School Lunch Program” is junk food companies such as: Kraft, Mars, Hershey’s etc. The same companies are the ones that provide food for the Marine Corps and the army. Lobbyism has in some way infiltrated the government, and it will probably result in obesity in the Marine Corps, ironic, yeah. How come the people defending our country (I see the states as my country as well), who have to stay fit in order to do that, should eat that kind of food. It’s common sense, even for senators!

“So, yeah. Obesity is even hitting the Marine Corps.”

But, back to the education system, due to that food the children of America, who have subscribed to the “National School Lunch Program”, will have an education, influenced by fatigue, laziness and possibly obesity. That’s not a way to letting the poor children to get a decent education that can take them higher up the system and lay poverty behind them.

That’s not what I know of the residuel model of America. You have to take care, of the poorest, lending them another hand, into the rank of the common people.

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