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Girl, Interrupted Character Analysis

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Character Analysis: Girl, Interrupted 

  The secondary main character within the film Girl, Interrupted (James Mangold, 1999) is Lisa who is played by Angelina Jolie. Lisa is a rebellious patient of Claymore Mental Institution in Massachusetts circa 1960. She is considered a sociopath in the medical field, and proves so by consistently pushing the boundaries of Claymore Institution in numerous ways. Lisa was identified as a sociopath due to her inability to feel remorse or sadness regardless of her behaviour. She frequently disobeys the staff as well as maintains a toxic relationship over the patients in which she controls and torments them for her own enjoyment. Despite her many ...view middle of the document...

She always finds enjoyment in pushing the system, and always seems to be successful in doing so. Her controlling personality is prominent through her relationships with the patients of Claymore. Whether she is intimidating them to the point of a breakdown, or insulting and then complimenting them, she proves to hold manipulative and conniving yet brilliant ways of control that ultimately achieves what she wants. Her dangerous attractiveness, and carelessness has an appeal that intimidates and intrigues the girls of Claymore. Lisa's relationship with Susanna shows this control as Lisa plays mind games, and fights with Susanna to make her weak, and then plays on that vulnerability as she makes Susanna feel although Lisa is the only one who understands her. Whenever a patient has a weakness, Lisa finds joy in exploiting it in order to control their emotions in a way that no one else can. Lisa's cold behaviour is best seen when Lisa and Susanna run away from Claymore to Daisy's house, who is a "recovered" patient from Claymore. Lisa takes advantage of Daisy by abruptly...

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