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Gilbert Grape Essay

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In this paper I'm going to discuss the two main differences between the movie and the book What's Eating Gilbert Grape. The first main difference I'm going to touch on is how Becky is in both the movie and the book, and the difference in the relationship she has with Gilbert. The next thing I want to talk about is the different ways that Momma is portrayed in the two versions. Both of these two points that I've stated above seem like minor details but they have a huge impact on the overall story, and in the methods of character portrayal.
Becky is two completely different people when looking at the book and the movie. In the book she is only 15 years old while Gilbert is in his 20's. While this is true in the book, in the movie it seems that Becky is older. The age change may just be a culture thing so the movie seems better for a wider demographic, either way it still changes the way Becky is perceived. Gilbert and Becky have a lot ...view middle of the document...

Another big difference between the movie and the book Becky comes back at the end of the movie making it a happy ending, but the book never does this. Besides the character differences of Becky hers and gilberts relationship its totally different between the two stories. In the book they play this cat and mouse game where they both show signs of venerability, mainly Gilbert but he never really opens up to Becky until the end of the story. In the movie there is a mutual attraction between the two of them, and there is not the game playing that goes on in the book. Becky seems to be sure of herself and a lot more confident in herself in the book, while in the movie she is not that person.
In terms of the character portrayal for Momma the book paints a completely different picture of momma than the way she is portrayed in the movie. In the book she is this bitter, unhappy person. But in the movie she is a more likeable character because the audience feels sympathetic towards her. Mostly because she is not that bitter unhappy person, the way she is portrayed in the book. In the movie the family moves the dinner table into the living room so that they can have dinner together, so this gives the audience they view that they are a "normal" family. In the book this does not happen. The last scene that the audience can tell a change in Momma is when she makes her way up the stairs. In the book Larry and Gilbert both have to help her up to her room, but in the movie she is driven to do this all by herself. Making her seem a lot stronger mentally and physically in the movie giving the audience another reason to feel her pain and be sympathetic towards Momma.
There are big differences between the book and movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape, the book gives a bigger insight into what is going on inside Gilberts head. Giving the reader a view on his thoughts to go along with his actions, while the movie cannot do this it did a good job with the action it's the facial expressions that they have to work with since the movie can't give his thoughts. The movie and the book did good jobs telling the story but I do believe that, as in most cases the book was better than the movie.

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