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Gift Shop Essay

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Business Plan |
the Gift C shop |
By: Tran Ngoc Quynh GiaoNguyen Thi Hoa PhuongPham Hoang ThuanTran Thi Anh Nguyet |

The Executive Summary page
Operation Management page
Mission Statement page
Product and Service page
Credit Policy page
Marketing strategies page
Business Environment Analysis page
Competition Analysis page
Competitive Advantages page
Pricing Strategies page
Target Market Selection page
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Preferences page

The Executive Summary
Company Introduction
The Gift C Shop is a premier Gift certificate and ...view middle of the document...

The gift certificates for companies is “seasonal” since the company will purchase them as a gift for their employees only on special occasion such as Tet holiday, Christmas, or Women’s Day, but the need for special events like birthday, wedding, and promotion is also huge. These days, people are busier and busier. They have less and less time to travel around stores to choose the suitable presents and the need of handling gifts surprisingly still exist. Thus, The Gift C Shop will target on both corporate and individual clients. And to compete and grow well in the market, The Gift C Shop will focus on low price but fancy products and good service.
Advertising promotion
At the foundation stage, The Gift C Shop’s revenue will come from word-of-mouth referrals, social network systems such as Facebook, Twister, or, and purchasing websites like,, or Within 5 years, The Gift C Shopwill grow as the biggest Gift Certificate supplier for companies, and one of the most deluxe gift-wrapping and gift cards. As the gift certificate grows, the old promotional channel will continuing be used along with other promotional methods, for example, direct marketing, Google search engine, and public relation. The Gift C Shop will host a forum to share tips about what people should gift their friends, family members, or boyfriends or girlfriends on special occasions, and where is the best place to dine.
Estimate profit for the next 5 years

The education and work experience of the owners and other key personnel
The gift certificate and gift-wrapping business does not require higher education, but the creative, hard-working, enthusiasm, and skillfulness. Particularly, the Marketing department has to be persuasive, experienced in online business, and sale. The operation department has to be good in calculating stocks for the need, saving costs, and designing website and advertisements.
Other information
People are clear about the gift-wrapping industry, but they may still be unclear about the gift certificate business. Unlike gift vouchers, which are mostly used with the discount amount of money for specific items, the gift certificate presents the amount of money that people want to give as a present, and that ‘money paper’ can purchase goods or services at destined store. The gift certificate is new in Vietnam, but it is very common in the United State and Canada. It is useful for individuals or corporations who are busy and confused about what to offer. The gift certificate also gives receivers a chance to buy a present they want, not to get what they are given.

The gift certificate is sometimes confused with the gift card, which is a restricted monetary equivalent or scrip that is issued by retailers or banks to be used as an alternative to a non-monetary gift. The gift certificate is issued and bought as a gift for receivers.

Operational Management
The Mission Statement
The gift C Shop’s mission is creating...

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