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Ghazi Essay

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Budget Reflection
The Canadian budget for 2016 seems promising. I believe that the budget gone improve us in many areas such as in health care and a better Future for indigenous peoples. The Trudeau government is tackling many issues that we have here in Canada, and it reflected through the budget.
Firstly, for years people have been complaining about the terrible state of healthcare. Doctors and nurses have been leaving Quebec and Canada to go to the US for better job opportunities. This has created long lines and long waits, overcrowding, and the shutting down of several hospitals. The 2003-2004 budget allows for a $34.8 billion increase to healthcare over the next five years. The money ...view middle of the document...

The Government has committed to lift the 2-per-cent funding cap for First Nations programs and work to establish a new fiscal relationship that gives First Nations communities sufficient, predictable and sustained funding. Not to forget , By 2020–21, total funding for Indigenous programs will be 22 per cent above the level of funding that would have been provided under the previous 2-per-cent funding cap. Also, to address urgent housing needs on reserve, Budget 2016 proposes to provide $554.3 million over two years beginning in 2016–17. Of this amount, $416.6 million over two years would be provided to Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada to address immediate housing needs on reserve. An additional $137.7 million over two years would be provided to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, most of which would support the renovation and retrofit of existing housing on reserve. More to add, the government is providing an additional $255 million over two years starting in 2016–17 to the First Nations Infrastructure Fund to support investments in a range of complementary infrastructure such as roads and bridges, energy systems, broadband connectivity, physical infrastructure to mitigate the effects of natural...

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