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Gestalt Theory Essay

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Personal Therapeutic Paper

Allen Bolton


Trine University of Fort Wayne--SPS

To help me come to terms with my shyness as a child, my mother and grandmother explained to me that some people, including me, are flowers who bloom in the shade and keep their petals closed, while others are sunflowers who draw energy from their surroundings. In psychological terms that I have studied, these two kinds of people are known as introverts and extroverts. Most of us exhibit some qualities of both, but knowing our primary orientation may help us play up our ...view middle of the document...

My pants were down and she pulled them up. I pushed them back down. She then pulled them back up. I then pushed them back down again. I am not sure how long this extreme stubbornness lasted but if you do assume that I was stubborn, and I assume that I was if she says I was, then that fact may throw light on other parts of my personality.

I am also a very independent individual. I solely depend on myself because I do not like to depend on others. I am a quiet and realistic, very rational, extremely matter of fact person. I strongly cultivate my individualism and enjoy applying my abilities to new tasks. But I am a very spontaneous and impulsive person.
According to the text, Gestalt therapy helps the clients to become aware of their present behavior in preparation for learning or choosing new behaviors. Also, this type of therapy is based upon philosophical concepts that make a strong distinction between what one actually knows and what one perceives through subjective, misleading, senses. Gestalt therapy shows us the cause-and-effect of past and present occurrences in our lives. In the end, this type of therapy and its techniques provides the therapeutic treatment that is needed for a counselor to client relationship to be successful in terminating the client’s issues. And this type of therapy is aimed towards beginning counselors it would work great for me.
First, in regards to my situations and other experiences in life, I would use the empty-chair or two-chair method, which would be used best in Gestalt therapy. These methods would help me come to grips with conflicts as I endured with a fatherless home at a very early age. Also, it would give me a chance to see and understand them and acknowledge my father’s conflicts at the same time. When I look back upon my actions as a young child I would understand that not having that father figure in your life could cause so much emotional damage and can take you on a roller coaster ride of your life. I can attribute that missing link to my weaknesses and strengths in life too. By me being an introvert I could confront these issues at hand with no problem. Being stubborn probably would not allow me to accept some of the issues at hand but mostly I would get over them because the main focus would be to terminate the destructive issue that is causing troubles within me.
Secondly, I would use Reality therapy, which provides a therapeutic model that will help assist the counselor in moving the client forward. Confrontation is needed in this type of therapy so the clients will confront present behavior. Also, Reality therapy helps the client take responsibility for life and learn to gain more effective control (Howatt, 2011). According to Glasser, the social component of psychological disorders has been highly overlooked in the rush to label the population as sick or mentally ill. Reality...

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