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Gerontology Essay

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My Meaningful Experience
Since I always have interest in helping people, I recently graduated from B.Sc. Nursing and now working in Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. The main purpose why I have chosen this subject as B.Sc. Nurse has two fold, both to use my time for assisting sick and disabled and to try a hard at working in the medical environment. When I was looking into career options, nursing attracted my attention on so many levels. And I am pretty sure both purposes have been successfully met.

Ever since I was asked for my aim I was sure about it. I want to be a helping agent. So I decided to become a nurse and I am assured that I made an important decision. I accomplished my ...view middle of the document...

Nursing was most exciting as it gives me some insights to the mechanics of the treatment process and decision making qualities. These things evoke my intense interest. It's all about helping people who are not in position to fend for themselves and in destitute condition-the very old, the very young and everyone in between who is infirmed or incapacitated.
I still remember that miserable sight of the abandoned and destitute elderly peoples, those painful narratives cursing the ageing process and the inevitable repercussions of it when I visited some senior citizens in an old-age home “Pashupati Bridhhashram” as per the curriculum requirement of Geriatric Nursing Practicum during my 2nd year of Undergraduate studies. The layers of wrinkle in their faces had stories of a century; sufferings, longings, betrayal and many more. Frequent interaction with the geriatric population there gave me a brief overview of the life of elderly people, activities of their daily living, nutritional patterns, quality of care provided and perception towards the service provider along with the behavior and attitude of the service provider towards...

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