Germany And South Africa Business Ethics

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Business ethics can be described as different things everyone has their own thoughts on what business ethics are or should be, different parts of the world are also looking at things the same way Germany, South Africa, and the United States of America can be described as three totally different countries with different languages and totally different ways of life, so of course their business ethics are going to be different.
Germany and Southern Africa have very different business ethics, a brief summary of Germany’s business ethics would be that Business Administration is different than business ethics and that business administration does not need business ethics. “Business ethics are ...view middle of the document...

“On one level, values and value judgments may be analyzed scientifically. On a different level, any scientific discipline includes fundamental decisions such as standards and methods of scientific work and the selection of research issues.” (Max Weber (1988a: 146ff.; 1988b: 489ff.; 1988c: 600ff.)). Herbert Hax asks for proof “that business ethics has the capability to prevent or at least to limit the degree of harmful activities”. “Schneider, Hax and Albach represent many academics and managers who turn against those ethical concepts that seek to keep the economy under control. For them, ethics as well as business ethics are solely, or at least primarily, a normative discipline, which recommends norms and principles that conflict with economic criteria such as the efficiency of free market systems.” There seems to be a debate on what business ethics really is and what can all be included into business ethics, looking at business ethics as an open subject it can be defined as what is morally right for the business, which can be treating customers with the upmost respect, making sure the bathrooms are always cleaned, always answering the phones, keeping the products stocked and other different things that might be thought of as morally right for the business. But it is such an open subject that it can have very different opinions, like the disagreement that business administration is business ethics some would like to think so and some totally disagree.
Southern Africa’s business ethics are not something that has been a very experienced topic. "We are conscious of the reality that corruption in many forms has deeply infected the fibre of our society. Precisely because we face the challenge of dealing with systematic corruption, we need a dispassionate and systematic approach to this question." Is what Nelson Mandela, the President of South Africa had said at the opening of the Parliament in February 1995. So what he is saying is the country is in need of the knowledge of business ethics. In South Africa business ethics is looked at in three different segments the first one being that business ethics is based on personal values and those should be applied, second is religious views, and lastly the business experience. Two huge issues that do not help the business ethics in anyway are the racism that seems to be a huge issue, and that there is not a very high study in business, there are teachers who teach classes that have no experience in business ethics. Fraud is a huge issue as well out of 200 major businesses in South Africa 48 percent had experience with fraud. Poverty level is so high that people are to the point they will do anything to survive, with the poverty level high unemployment is also at a high level. The productivity level is very low; it is not globally competitive because the productivity level is so low. In order to get the unemployment rate down the jobs need to go up and productivity needs to rise as well. If the business...

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