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German Peasant Revolt Dbq Essay

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German Peasant Revolt DBQ 
The German peasants of the 1524-1526 revolts were caused by interpretations of Lutheran ideals, the peasants desires to break free from serfdom, and the general search for equality in the eyes of god. The response to the peasant revolts varied among the social, political, and religious affiliations, ranging from cruel condemnation to fervent support of their cause. The rebels organized swiftly and fought hard, this determination helped achieve social reform, which the most important German reformer, Martin Luther, was completely opposed to. 
Though the revolts were blamed on Lutheran reforms (Doc 1), Luther himself vehemently refuted the dispute (Doc 7). He ...view middle of the document...

Luther’s writing would condemn Muntzer for his activity in the rebellions thus connecting the documents (Docs 6, 7).
Rebellious goals extended to the desire to be free from serfdom (Doc 2, 3, 4). According to Luther, the peasants forgot their place (Doc7). There is a question of social order and desire to return to the old social order in Docs 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12. Doc 8 has questionable point of view considering it a secret document and the document itself says that certain things were only hearsay, (“were heard to say”) the document addresses the initial willingness to disintegrate serfdom, but once the nobles realized the harshness of the rebels, even the sympathizers were dissuaded. Violence was used in the name of ending serfdom (Docs 5, 11, 10, 9). Many nobles had no choice but to watch as their lands and property were destroyed and plundered by the rebels (Doc 5, 11). Though the violence of the peasants seemed extreme, the nobles responded in an equally, if not worse storm of violence.
According to a legal plea made by Cristoffel von Lichtenstein the peasants threatened to kill him had he not joined their cause. Although the legitimacy of his word should be brought to question considering he is pleading to get his punishment lessened meaning he might make the peasants seem more terrible than they actually were (Doc 10). In contrast, but also connection,...

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